Hi lovely hearters!

Here is the playlist for November. Mostly house but also chill the further down you come. Some of them were released several years ago and some more recently. Beneath every song there will be an excerpt of the lyrics.

Before starting, don't hesitate to check in my article about Martin Garrix and all his best tracks.

but also my playlist for September. Sorry but there's no one for october unless you don't count this article as both November and October since it's November 3rd when I publish this article. Here's september:

Let's go now! Hope you enjoy them:)

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Starkillers & Alex Kenji - Pressure Nadia Ali, Alesso

Come around, feel the sound
Oh you make my heart pound
Fill me up, bring me down
When I hear your sound
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Insomnia Mike Candys, Jack Holiday

Deep in the bosom of the gentle night
Is when I search for the light

Cold Skin Stonebank, Seven Lions

And there's darkness here
The whole world I fear
In my room I seem to drown
But I won't let them take me down

City Of Dreams Dirty South, Alesso

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Take Over Control Afrojack

Baby baby, can't you see that I'm giving all of me
So it's up to you know

Red Lights Tiësto

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I Just Can't R3HAB

Keep me up all night, I'm not sleeping
I'm closing my eyes just to keep on dreaming
'Cause when I see your face my own senses leave me
Yeah, I could be blind but I'd still see that

Walk Thru Fire Vicetone

I'm not an angel, I'm not a saint
I've been a closed book full of mistakes

Way Back Vicetone

No more running, no more running, no more chasing
No more running, now I'm running out of patience
Playing with temptation, searching for salvation
Can we find a way back? Way back?
Caught up in confusion, need a resolution
Can we find a way back? Way back?

Nevada Vicetone

I've been painting every fence I know
Every color bleeds into the same

Spectrum (Say My Name) Florence + The Machine, Calvin Harris
---- On SoundCloud: Check out Avicii's mashup of this song called Sunshine Spectrum

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When we first came here
We were cold and we were clear
With no colors on our skin
We were light and paper-thin

Diamond Heart Alan Walker, Sophia Somajo

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'Cause every station's playing our song
Goodbye, my love
You are everything my dreams made up
You'll be Prince and I'm the crying dove
If I only were unbreakable

Stranger Things Kygo, OneRepublic

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Getting Closer New City, Watson

When you miss every time
It's alright you'll be fine
Take it slower, you're getting closer

So Close NOTD, Felix Jaehn

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Narcotic Liquido

Have I tried to draw the veil
If I have, how could I fail
Did I fear the consequence

Coming Over Dillon Francais, Kygo

Isn't it strange that every time
I look at your name I'm suddenly high

Monophobia Deadmau5
---- Check out their music video for a blast

What do I know?
Maybe this silence is dangerous
See if you're hurting
After tearing me down
It's the rain of denial

Another Love Tom Odell, Zwette

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Go Fuck Yourself Two Feet

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Tappat Victor Leksell
---- Swedish song


Tips❗My dear brother Oscar creates his own music under the artist name Alegro. He focuses on EDM and he's really good at what he does. You should definitely check out his songs on SoundCloud. He is constantly releasing new songs, right now he has 6 songs:

  • Go Away
  • OKAY
  • Will You Let It Go
  • Show Me
  • Cover It Up
  • My Time

You won't regret it, trust me!

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Thank u!

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