Today, I thought I would do a rather fun article, I will be doing my name in my favorite Celebrities. I have seen different variations of this but have only seen a handful of people doing celebrities. So here we go!

Adele Marie

A- Austin (Post) Malone

music, tattoo, and post malone image Image removed

D- Debbie Ryan

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

E- Emmy Rossum

emmy rossum, girl, and wow image emmy rossum image

L- Lana Condor

Image removed Image removed

E- Ellen Pompeo

ellen pompeo, grey's anatomy, and meredith grey image Image removed

M- Monica Ollander

monica ollander image beautiful, girl, and model image

A- Andy Leo

rock, singer, and cte image crown the empire image

R- Rachel McAdams

Temporarily removed beauty, blonde, and pretty image

I- Ian Somerhalder

Image removed Image removed

E- Emerson Barrett

palaye royale, art, and boy image Hot, art, and emerson barrett image


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