Hey cutes,
so I decided to make my November playlist public 😂
Enjoy! ♡

Camila Cabello - Consequences

aesthetic, header, and Lyrics image camila cabello, fifth harmony, and camilacabello image Image removed Temporarily removed

Andra Day - Rise Up

Lyrics, rise up, and favourite song image r&b, black and white, and music image black and white, music, and r&b image cheer up, easel, and Lyrics image

James Arthur - Empty Space

facebook and james arthur image artwork, new, and single image

Lady Gaga - Million Reasons

jana, Lyrics, and random image Inspiring Image on We Heart It black and white, Lady gaga, and million reasons image aesthetic, clouds, and crush image

Amy Winehouse - Back To Black

aesthetic, Amy Winehouse, and Lyrics image Amy Winehouse and miss you image Amy Winehouse image Lyrics image

Chet Faker - Talk Is Cheap

beautiful, cheap, and cloudy image Image removed Image removed Temporarily removed

Hope you like it,
Cats ♡♡