I just got the questions from here

now, let's start the game...


20 (and i'm feeling kind of old in here)

20, beautiful, and couple image 20 and balloons image

biggest fear

actually, feeling lonely even though I really like having my own moments home alone

alone, alternative, and broken image Temporarily removed
these photos just make me so sad


red, black and white are my colors

car, black, and luxury image rose, girl, and red image black, casual, and outfit image Inspiring Image on We Heart It


graduate from college, get a job, find love and just be happy

Temporarily removed office, decor, and space image eiffel tower, parisian style, and fall look image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
college life vs office

everyday starts with...

trying to get out of the bed

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how i look vs how i wish i looked

favorite artists

boys and justin bieber image ariana grande, ariana, and arianagrande image Temporarily removed Image by hiba saadi
jb- ag - leiva - selena gomez


music, indie music, and musica image coldplay, quotes, and words image
love of lesbian - coldplay



in love with

books image gif image flowers, girl, and people image art, eyes, and drawing image
books - paris (and european cities) - white roses - art

job i want

I wish i could end up in an airplane company (even though i would be an administrative), in an hotel company or in a marketing department


i don't listen to that type of music but I think it's cool

last thing i ate

a gum

Image removed
it's funny that I don't know how to do that

middle name

I only have one, so Judit

number of siblings

1 older sister

one favorite movie

all time fav: breakfast at tiffany's

new york, audrey hepburn, and Breakfast at Tiffany's image

person i last texted


quote for life

feelings, equality, and human rights image quotes, words, and kind image quote and text image quotes, text, and over image

reason to smile

friends and him


heterosexual even though i never say i'd not have anything w/ someone from my sex

time to go to sleep

around 11pm -12am

#underwear color

wine color

lingerie, red, and style image black, wine, and red image

vacation place

sometimes i wanna travel the world and some others i just want to visit europe so..

paris, city, and travel image Temporarily removed
but also barcelona, madrid, wien...

worst habit

stressing me out for everything



your fav drink

water, white wine and gintonic (pink gin or pink tonica)

fashion, style, and jeans image aesthetic, bottled water, and soft image gintonic image Temporarily removed

zodiac sign