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In the last month I have raised my eyes for the 22 year old Dutch DJ Martin Garrix. Even before that month, I knew him and listened to his music, but thanks to October, I have listened to all his songs and started listening to more house songs overall. Electronic dance music, also known as EDM, has almost completely replaced rap music that I listened to more often earlier.

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Before we start I'd recommend you to check out my latest training playlist that is sort of connected to this one, both show epic house songs.

Now it's time to share the masterpieces of Martin Garrix. I will rank pretty much all of his songs, but remember that my sequence changes daily. Especially my top 17, I thought that I could have every single song of them on the first place really.

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Next to each song is a very short review and description of what I think (remember that I'm not a native english speaker). I'm starting with the songs at the bottom, which, however, is still good. And most important of all, this is my taste but your sequence is probably different. Do you know yours yet?

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40. Poison - No one sings, nice training song with a pretty good drop.
39. Game Over - Very epic drop that's pretty crazy, only a true house lover would love this song.

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38. Welcome - Same review as the previous, they are pretty similar.

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37. Break Through The Silence - Male voice, what I like the most is the drop.
36. Make up Your Mind - A cool song with a very heavy drop. I usually train to this song but it's also a party song. As with 'Welcome' and 'Game Over' you must really love EDM in order to appreciate all parts in this single.
35. So Far Away - To be critical I don't like that the drop is obvious already after the first seconds but still this one expresses a lot of feelings and I like that It's a duet between a man and a woman.

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34. Backlash - No one sings, very cool drop that reminds me of the song 'Poison'.
33. Sun is Never going Down - Male voice, the singing parts are ok but the drop is what I like with the song. Makes you wanna dance or go running.

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32. Waiting For Tomorrow - Not the most impressive chorus or verses but the drop is so good and the second verse is better than the first, according to me. So the song only gets better and better the longer in the song you listen.

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31. Helicopter - My favorite part of this song is actually not the drop because I think it's too much to be critical but thanks to 00:20-1:00 and the second time this sequence follows, I'm in love with the song. Perfect training song if you like heavy drops. Unfortunately the actual drop makes the song fall on the list.

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30. WIEE - Probably not the most epic drop of all time and it doesn't affect me so badly that I want to jump or dance or whatever, but still I love it. Pretty chill song without no one singing.
29. Forbidden Voices - A lot of similarities with 'WIEE' so if you like one of them, you'll love the other one too without doubt.
28. In the Name of Love - This was the third song I heard by Garrix after 'Animals' and 'Wizard'. Bebe Rexha sings in it and she has a very different, strong and cool voice! This song wakes many feelings. If we turn back time one year or two, then this one would definitely be in my top 3. Great message! Love makes you crazy.

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27. Dreamer - Very powerful and different song without a clear drop but instead a melody in the background that I love. The singer Mike Yung has a very strong voice and expresses many feelings. The song is super new and it will take a while before I get used to it. A bit too calm according to my taste but still I'm positive to the fact that Garrix goes outside his comfort zone.

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26. Access - Beautiful song with a supercool music video. When I heard this one recently for the first time from his new album 'BYLAW EP' I could definitely hear that it was made of Garrix, cuz I don't know but the sounds and the vibe, it just felt like something Martin had done.
25. Gold Skies - Like the drop mostly but the other parts are pretty good too.

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24. Like I Do - A collaboration with David Guetta and it goes without saying. Guetta is one of my favorite DJ's together with Garrix, Avicii, Kygo & Tiësto.

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23. There for You - A different more chill song that features the singer Troye Sivan. This one would reach a higher place on the list if I didn't damage the song by listening to it ALL the time.
22. Ocean - The same goes for this song that was my favorite song this summer. Just as with 'Dreamer' this song is a little bit different. Khalid sings and after Garrix and Avicii, he is my favorite artist, so this song couldn't be anything but perfect. There is a chill drop and it's a soft calm vibe throughout the entire song.

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21. Scared to Be Lonely - I listened to this song tooo many times so as with the previous ones this one would get higher on the list back in the days. Dua Lipa sings so beautiful and she has so many nice songs.

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20. Now That I've Found You - I love the chorus and the drop mostly.

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19. Breach (Walk Alone) - This new singles has similarities with his older song 'Make up Your Mind' when it comes to the sound of the drops. I needed time before I started liking this song.
18. Turn up the Speakers - Crazy and sick but so good! Makes you wanna jump.

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Now to the top 17!!

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17. Latency - When I first heard this song I thought that it was too crazy and it didn't sound so good in my ears but after listening on it for several times now, I can proudly say that I love it! Just give it time if you don't already like it.
16. Tremor - The drop is sooo epic!! It has similarities with Helicopter but according to me, this drop is better. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike made the song with Garrix and they have so many good songs like 'Hey Baby', 'Stampede' & 'Mammoth'.
15. The Only Way Is Up - Garrix and Tiësto have really succeed in making a nice party song. The drop and melody are complemented by a light voice that repeatedly sings the title.

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14. Burn Out - My favorite part is the drop as with most of his songs. In this pretty new single he brings back this airy sound that he also has in other songs.
13. Byte - No one sings, similar to 'Like I do'. I love every single part of this song!
12. Wizard - A veery cool drop, perfect workout song!
11. Animals - Gives me motivation and makes me wanna move my body:) He was just seventeen (as I am) when he made this song and it's so epic. Ever since twelve year old mini me heard this song I knew instantly that this DJ is one of a kind. This one is similar to Wizard that he made later the same year.

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10. Yottabyte - My favorite song from his new album 'BYLAW EP'. No one sings and well the song doesn't need any voice cuz the drop and melody is so powerful alone.
9. Dragon - Collab with Matisse & Sadko and all their collaborations with Garrix have really become success. The drop and the way it builds up, it's just awesome.
8. High On Life - Beautiful song, love everything with this song. Wakes many feelings and since it was released during the summer I think of many summer memories.

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7. Pizza - A very beautiful song, the melody gives you life perspective and and makes me think of things I love (Garrix loves pizza, thereof the name) and to be grateful for what I have.

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6. Don't Look Down - Usher sings in the song but the sining parts are not my favorite parts. The drop is what makes the song so amazing but also the lyrics and the message. The drop, that gives me positive vibes, is pretty airy and soft if you understand what I mean haha. I can hear similar sounds in 'Now That I've Found You', 'WIEE' & 'Burn Out'.

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5. Virus (How About Now) - Pretty similar to 'Tremor', both of them have epic drops but of all drops, this one is the hardest to compete against. Both a perfect training and party song.
4. Spotless - I love everything about this song! The way Garrix builds up the drop and the drop itself. Every single part is so clever and well done.
3. Hold On & Believe - What I like the most is the way the drop builds up, and this way reminds me of 'Waiting for Love' by Avicii. I love training to this song and I think this song deserves more attention.

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2. Forever - This song is an absolute masterpiece and one of the first songs I heard of Garrix. I have a special connection to this song and the drop is just so clever and wakes so many feelings inside of me. Perfect party song that makes you wanna jump.

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1. Together - Pretty much the same review as the previous, the drops have similarities, and both of these songs give me motivation although this one is a little more happy. This one deserves all attention in the world. The message is beautiful!

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Just let me know if you want me to go more into detail about how this Garrix "obsession" started

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& how my dreams and future plans have been affected and changed because of him.

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