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My greeting beautiful people!

I hope you are doing well.

I have sort of a big announcement to make:


It is not my first idea for a novel, but if one of my ideas has to be a „sacrifice“, then I decided this one will be.

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I am currently finishing my third chapter.

Originally, I am publishing it on Wattpad, so here is the link to my story;

There you can read what is it about and decide if you want to read on.

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Honestly, it scares me a bit

I am sure not all of you have Wattpad, so I could start publishing it on We Heart It too; if this article gets 101 heart, it will be my cue to start publishing.

Meanwhile, you can`t just heart without knowing what are you hearting!

So here is the description that is on the Wattpad too;

Brisa, an unconventional 19-year-old is pulled into her own past with one single letter...
Senior year in Vermilion High hasn't ended as it was supposed to and Brisa tried so hard to get away from events that messed up her life.
Maybe she tried too hard...
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Now, pinned in the corner, Brisa will uncover that things are not as near as they seem...
And as the veil of dark secrets is slowly falling, Brisa will find herself unable to keep restraints from her unsustainable powers which cost her much already.
If that is not enough, Brisa will get caught in tricky web only love can knit...

I hope you liked it!

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Also, I am planning on making Collections about each of the main characters and maybe make an article with a description and some important information about them.

And that would be all for now folks!

Thank you for reading!

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`Till the next article,
Yours truly,