i've got so many pet peeves actually but i'll just list my top three. so.. here we go!

  • people who doesn't know how to cooperate
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top one because hey, i'm doing my best here so do your part, okay? this applies majority in a group project. bitch, i am a good student so better do your job. i'm so good to the point i'm doing your part. i ain't doing your job if i became tired of ur shit, ok?

  • people who insert in a conversation like they knew you PERSONALLY
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i have classmates like this, actually. i hated them but what can i do to survive this toxic life? of course, to pretend like i'm okay with them. but seriously, i am NOT talking to you because i don't want to talk to you. so don't act like we're close and you know everything about me.

  • cat-callers

this shit. cat calling doesn't make you cool, bro.