inspired by

One: a song by an artist you've seen or would like to see live

artist, boy, and celebrity image amine and boys image

Two: A song from a musical

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I can hear the bells- Hairspray soundtrack

Three: A song from a movie soundtrack

khalid image tumblr, khalid, and melanin image
Love Lies -Khalid, Normani

Four: A song that you've heard for the first time this year

Image removed frank ocean, black, and music image
Chanel- Frank Ocean

Five: A song you know by heart

new and marc e bassy image kehlani and Tattoos image
Made Love First- Marc E. Bassy ft. Kehlani

Six: A song by a band

aesthetic, aesthetics, and album image
Rose-Coloured boy- Paramore

Seven: A song by a female artist

olivia obrien image aesthetics, alternative, and beautiful image
I don't exist- Olivia O'Brien

Eight: A song in a different language than yours

feminism, vintage, and woman image sola and jessie reyez image
Sola- Jessie Reyez

Nine: An instrumental song (no lyrics)

meme and dog image meme, mood, and reaction image
Im sorry. A what?

Ten: A song to play during a roadtrip

khalid and suncity image khalid image
Saturday Nights-Khalid

11: A song to wake up in a good mood

album, album cover, and music image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
As I Am - H.E.R.

12: A song that helps your self esteem

music, r&b, and kehlani image kehlani image
Bright- Kehlani

13: A song that describes your life at the moment

bazzi image bazzi image
Myself- Bazzi

14: A song your parents played when you were younger

meme, reaction, and gavin image meme, reaction, and mood image
Once again, A what?

15: A "guilty pleasure" song

danielle bregoli and bhad bhabie image danielle bregoli and bhad bhabie image
Affiliated-Bhad Bhabie (I wouldn't really say it's a guilty pleasure song because her music is actually good but whatever. we'll leave it there.

16: A song that makes you wanna live in the 80s

Image removed whitney houston and singer image
How will i know-Whiteny Houston

17: A song by a boyband

boys, group, and Hot image black and white and prettymuch image

18: A song that reminds you of the best times of your life

Image removed fashion, girls, and gorgeous image
Trip-Ella Mai

19: A song that reminds you of your last birthday

gif, zendaya, and zac efron image
Rewrite the Stars-Zendaya and Zac Effron

20: A song you'd play to someone who hurt you

cardi b, album, and music image cardi b image
Thru your phone- Cardi B

21: A song you'd sing to the love of your life

switch, 6lack, and east atlanta love letter image king, ricardo, and love bear image
Stan- 6lack

22: A song that makes you feel like partying

icey, music, and rap image melii image

23: A song tittle that begins with the first letter of your name

grace carter image grace carter image
Silhouette- Grace Carter

24: A song to play during sex

fashion, sauce, and trevor jackson image trevor jackson image
Right Now- Trevor Jackson

25: A song you like by an artist you dislike

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Dead-Madison Beer

26: A song that reminds you of your best friend

Temporarily removed sza and bae image
Love Galore-SZA ft. Travis Scott

27: A song with lyrics you'd get tattooed

umi image umi image
This Universe-UMI

28: A song you can't stop listening to

shawn mendes image city and travel image
Manhattan-Keenan, Marc E. Bassy, Skizzy Mars

29: Your top 3 songs at the moment

aesthetic, arcade, and pixel image justine skye image khalid image khalid image
Build - Justine Skye, Suncity-Khalid, Orange-Tobi Lou

30: Songs by your 3 favorite artists

Image removed kehlani image shawn mendes, boy, and singer image marc e. bassy image
Perfectly wrong-Shawn Mendes, Again-Kehlani, Treat me so bad-Marc E. Bassy

31: a song by a girlband

tlc, 90s, and chilli image Temporarily removed

32: A song that is nostalgic for you

Inspiring Image on We Heart It miley cyrus, hannah montana, and the climb image
The climb-Miley Cyrus

33: A song that makes you light up no matter what

kiana ledé image girl, beauty, and lollipop image
Shame- Kiana Ledé

34: A song you love to sing

Image by PAULINA Reynoso ariana grande, ariana, and sweetener image
Better Off-Ariana Grande

35: A song that reminds you of your favorite place

love, home, and quotes image pink, quotes, and aesthetic image
Home-Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

36: A Disney song

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Be our guest-Beauty and the Beast

37: A song that reminds you of your country/hometown

reaction image meme, funny, and reaction image

38: A song for your funeral

switch, 6lack, and east atlanta love letter image artist, badass, and beautiful image
Seasons-6lack ft. khalid

39: An acoustic song

Image removed shawn mendes image
Mercy (Acoustic)- Shawn Mendes

40: A song that gave you chills the first time you listened to it

lia and lia marie johnson image colors, colours, and DNA image
Champagne- Lia Marie Johnson

41: A song you love with a long title

whitney houston, Queen, and singer image whitney houston image
My love is your love- Whitney Houston

42: A song you love with a one word title

cosmic, Lyrics, and bazzi image bazzi and mine image
Ftc- Bazzi

43: A song that took you a long time to find again after hearing it once

Temporarily removed quotes, Lyrics, and music image
Let you down-NF

44: A song to listen to on a rainy day

billie eilish and khalid image khalid image
Lovely-Billie Eilish+Khalid

45: A song that makes you feel like a bada$s

guys and kalin white image kalin white image
Thought you knew-Kalin White (The only song i listened to this summer)

46: A song that reminds you of someone you lost

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R.I.P.- Olivia O'Brien (The remix is really good)

47: A song to work out to

kehlani and g-eazy image g-eazy, g, and gerald image
Shake it up-G-Eazyft. E-40, MadeinTYO & 24hrs

48: A song about depression

jeremy zucker image icon image
All the kids are depressed- Jeremy Zucker

49: A song that will always remind you of your teenage years

meme, lisa, and reaction image bro, ghetto, and glasses image
Ummm. Sis is still in her teenage years so we'll see.

50: A song from the 00's

Image by arzu alicia keys and singer image
Fallin'- Alicia Keys

And that's all. This took me days...