Since Billie becames famous many people ask themselfs why this girl is creating so much commotion at 16 y.o

1. Style

billie eilish and billie image

Billie from his beginnings opted for a striking style hip hop / trap which is more it's more striking because it has nothing to do with her voice record and her songs. That's why many people are surprised to hear their musical genre, believing earlier that this was rap. And yep, she is amazingly extra <3

2. Voice

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Obviously, it's her talent. Her voice is completely soft and she transmite a lot of feelings and good vibes that you can't avoid. If you didn't listen any song of her, pls, do it right now.

3. Appearence

billie eilish and billie image

She has a really beauty in her eyes and you can't deny it.

4. Family

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Billie even comes from a family of artists. His mother is a composer, his father is a musician and finally, her brother is actor, musician and producer, he helped to Billie to compose some songs.

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That's all my dude. Many people say that she is famous too for be friends of many famous rappers on the trap world, maybe it's true, maybe not. You choose

byE <3