Last week I tried making some DIYs with my best friend.
Based on how we did them I'm gonna explain how u can do them too!

1st DIY

diy image

- Cut a piece of cardboard in the letter u want;
- Choose the shells you want;
- Organize them in the cardboard;
- Use glue and a brush to glue them;
- Let it Dry!

2nd DIY

candle, shell, and light image

- Choose the shells you want to use;
- Heat the number of candles you will need;
(Be careful, you may be unable to use the pan again)
- Pour some of the melted candles on the shells;
- Let it solidify!

3rd DIY

diy and candle image

- Cut sticks so they have the same height;
- Pick a glass you don't need;
- Turn the glass upside down;
- Tie wool in the thickest part of the glass;
- Turn the glass up;
- Put the sticks between the glass and the wool;´
- When Done, fill the glass with little stones;
- Put a candle at the top of the stones!

4rd DIY

diy, blue, and glass image

- Fill a tupper with water;
- Pour some of your favourite nail polishes;
- Dip some vase in the water;
- Let the vase dry for 3 days!