Did you ever wonder how do we start to like people? What is it that makes us suddenly feel this strange water-like hormonal emotion wash over you? What triggers it?
Is it a look? When eyes meet, it may be for the first or for a hundredth time, this encounter is followed by a different kind of sensation. You notice sparkles and colors you haven't noticed before. You see some depth which you must have missed somehow. And suddenly there's this strong inexplicable urge to drown in it.

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Or are those smells? The familiar old comfortable scent of a friendly hug, which make you feel secure. The one you never used to really think about, until this unexpected realization. Realization that you not only find comfort in it, but that you need it for comfort.

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Or is it a simple touch? When fingertips innocently lay themselves onto someone else's hands. And there and then you get surprised by a instantaneous click you feel deep in your gut. The click of your fingertips matching with theirs, of falling into each other's creases and rises like puzzles. And you don't want to let go, neither does the skin, the hand, but you have to.

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And then you sit yourself down.Take a deep breath. Look into the distance searching for a reason, but everything seems to blurry...and think to yourself: "Here we go again?!"