A couple of years ago I had a best friend. We were the weirdest people on earth together, literally crazy. We went to England together on a camp that was seriously the best I have ever experienced. We promised each other never to loose contact, We loved each other and were always there we needed a shoulder to cry on, to talk about boys, and did everything together. We always laughed no matter what, had so much fun. When High School started we promised each other to meet and have lunch together and meet up after school... since we started on two different schools..We met one time and one time only. I’ve invited her to parties, meet ups and other stuff, but she never showed up. And we lost contact.

I am a kind of girl who keeps every card I get, so I went through a box that I have, and found a book she gave me for my birthday filled with pictures of us doing crazy-crazy stuff. I miss her... I don’t have that kind of friend anymore, and I miss it. She was the other girl in the picture of two tumblr girl on an airport messing around being inspo (lol). Every girl need that friend in their life... Who am I going to explore the world with? Going on adventures and trips...?