1. chromatics - blue girl (say goodbye)

aesthetic, eyes, and art image

2. antique - follow me

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"follow me, lets be together. can't you see i'm not for ever. you and me can make it happen. take your chance just come along and follow me."

3. charli xcx, troye sivan - 1999

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"i just wanna go back, back to 1999. take a ride to my old neighborhood."

4. kim petras - close your eyes

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5. kim petras, elvira, mistress of the dark - turn off the light

pink, light, and plants image
"if you're looking for a fright and you wanna do it right, c'mon, turn off the light. c'mon, turn off the light."

6. the dumplings - blue flower

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7. kim petras - tell me it's a nightmare

city, night, and light image
"tell me it's a nightmare and you ain't going nowhere."

8. the bangles - manic monday

baby blue, baby pink, and blondes image
"it's just another manic monday. i wish it was sunday. 'cause that's my fun day."

9. major lazer, tove lo - blow that smoke

explore, fashion, and indie image

10. the 1975 - it's not living (if it's not with you)

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"and all i do is sit and think about you. if i knew what you'd do, collapse my veins, wearing beautiful shoes. it's not living if it's not with you."

11. troye sivan, jónsi - revelation

Image by Reem🌻

12. billie eilish - when the party's over

actress, black, and brazilian image

13. ellie goulding, diplo, swae lee - close to me

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"and i don't wanna be somebody without your body - close to me."

14. xxxtentacion, lil pump, swae lee, maluma - arms around you

grunge, sunset, and friends image

15. 5 seconds of summer - killer queen

drew barrymore, grunge, and 90s image
"she's a killer queen. gunpowder, gelatine. dynamite with a laser beam."