IT’S NOVEMBER (my birth month)!

2018 is coming to an end and I didn’t even notice 10 months pass by. I had these goals and resolutions at the beginning of the year, but it’s November and I hardly achieved anything. BUT I couldn’t let myself end 2018 as a boring unproductive year (and so should you!). I did mature a lot but there a lot of things I still wish I could have done. And I’m gonna cram all those goals in these last two months like the procrastinating student I am. YOU TOO, should make the most out of these last two months of 2018.

ESCAPE ROOM (or horror house)

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You have to solve the puzzle to escape the room, within a limited amount of time. This would help you become more focused and develops your critical thinking. Bring along your friends.

GO HIKING or even just trekking

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The views are worth the hike. Plus you'll burn calories so


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There are so many restaurants I've been dying to try but hardly had any time (& money) to do so. Plus I'm always craving for some pizza and burger.

Visit abandoned places

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Ruins are my aesthetic. The creepy feeling I get while I'm at one helps me unwind and de-stress. Don't forget to take pictures though.

Study hard for finals

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Call friends more often

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My friends and I study at different places so I constantly talk to them to so they'd feel that I'm still here for them.

Buy thoughtful gifts for everyone

Christmas is sooo near, and I carefully plan in advance the gifts I'm giving. The gifts you give have to be thoughtful so the person really feels your love for them.

Finish pending passion projects

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One passion project of mine is a short film and a mini wire model. Find time for these when you want to relax and chill but still being productive. This allows you to have a life outside academics.

Make a short montage of 2018 moments

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Piece together your best 2018 moments. Just something to look back on, a reminder that life can be good no matter what happens.

Buy new outfits

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I need winter outfits. And especially party clothes for Christmas and New Year's Eve.

Get my skin glowing for the holidays

Say your thank you’s and goodbyes

Ending the year also means ending toxic situations. Say goodbye to the people who aren't good for you anymore (with proper closure though). And say thank you to those who have made your year so much better.

Try at least one new activity

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Mine's gonna be wall-climbing, since I found this wall-climbing place near the mall. It could be anything for you as long as you enjoy it.

Save money

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Since I'm gonna be spending for a lot of things, might as well save money. So I could start 2019 with some money in my wallet.


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Pick a specific theme/aesthetic. Plants, fairy lights, posters and pictures are a must.

Create a vision board

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A vision board could be a collage of photos and quotes that motivates you and helps you focus on your goals. For me, it's a reminder that I can do anything because I've done so much before.

These might be too many for just two months, but never limit your possibilities. Remember to make everyday a special day. Never waste one moment, and you’ll be grateful forever knowing that you didn’t. The best memories are always those that happen unexpectedly. HAVE FUN AND LIVE FOR TODAY.

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