For the past months I have been felling unmotivated, like everything fells like a burden. Almost as if I am to tired to like the things I'm doing. Art classe and works have became less fun and more stressfull. I can't concebtrate in anything. And even volleyball hasn't been as fun anymore.

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For the past few months I have had a hard time with all the changes and all the weight that has been put in my shoulders. And the worse part is that people don't understand and think I'm just being selfish about my decisions.

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But sometimes all it takes is two good friends who are welling to hear you without judging or without saying you're just being dramatic even if they think so.

I am lucky enough to have friends like that, That are welling to ear and not judge, that are welling to stick by my side trough my hard times when I don't fell like myself anymore.

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But not everyone has them or maybe talking to a stranger is easier. Maybe is easier saying personal things to someone you don't know because those htings won't came back to you. Or maybe you just really want to get something of your chest.

Whatever it is if someone whose Reading this needs a friend to talk or just a stranger to listen to them I am here. If you think you need to talk you can to talk to me if you want because it's better to bottle it up, trust me I know.

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And if you don't want to talk but your still reading this and going trough a hard time I don't want to just say it's all in your head like some people did to me. Just breath, take a week just to yourfelf, f**k everything else because whatever they say to you, you came first, first than school, first than friends, first that sports. And I hope someday soon you fell like yourself again.