Temporarily removed Image by Soul
- red, moody, trusted too much, easily mistaken, 1 to 100, suggestive, restaurant dates, cheesy jokes, kinky, cherries


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
- memory gaps, forgetful, slightly insane, bipolar, vivid, second guessing, seeks comfort, indecisive


manu rios and boy image cat, green, and aesthetic image
- unconcerned, grumpy, OCD, black cats, sassy, no brain to mouth filter, turns their nose up, picky, aromantic


cute, boy, and aesthetic image Image removed
- bright, intelligent, everyone likes them, cheerful, relatable, accepting, dandelions, abstract, macaroons


black and white, blurred, and blurry image Image by baby girl
- hides their emotions, fake smiles, bad habits, music, dazed, calm, late reactions, wants to be loved


Image by ave flowers, aesthetic, and green image
- loud, hyperactive, ADHD, smiles & wide eyes, short attention span, road trips, mindless planning, uncontrollable


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
- cold, water, knitted eyebrows, oversized clothes, sweat, emotionless but overwhelmed, tired, blurred


Image removed noah centineo, boy, and noah image
- trusts too easily, flowers, daydream, 11:11, sheepish smiles, ambivert, puppy eyes, sunsets, gullible


aesthetic, alternative, and black image boy, grunge, and graffiti image
- bruised knuckles, split lip, hoodies, insomniac, short temper, misunderstood, lonely, daddy issues, mummy's boy


rainbow, eyes, and aesthetic image boy, rainbow, and arcoíris image
- open about their sexuality, cocky, one raised eyebrow, popular, states his opinions, shameless, protective