It's been a very short time since we stopped talking, I feel a huge void when I see your last connection and know that it's not me you're talking to.
I do not know why nothing changed between us, I remember that just a few weeks ago we treated each other as if we were everything and today, well, today we are strangers.
A few nights ago I opened our conversation again, I went back a few years and I cried. I do not understand the reason why we distance ourselves, the only thing I know is that it was the fault of the two, I for not speaking and you for not asking me to stay as you did the other times.
I miss your long messages, those that filled me with joy, I read again and again how cute they were, that sometimes made me cry with happiness, I really miss them.
December is almost approaching and I can not believe that after almost four years I will finish the year without you, these days I have been thinking about unlocking and trying to fix things, seriously I do not see my new year without your best wishes for me.
I do not know if I'm a coward or it's my pride that does not allow me to speak to you, I want to apologize with all my strength, scream how much I love you, but at the same time tell you how much I hate you for leaving me like this, without wanting anything.
I found out about some things you've done and I have no doubt that you've changed a lot, you're not the child I knew unsure of himself, quiet, who locked himself in his room to play video games all day. Although you did not change to be a better person ... you became what you always said you would not be.
I spend my time listening to music, some songs that we made, and believe me it's the worst I can do, tears run down my cheeks and I just keep asking myself what I did wrong.
I remember one day in our hour talks I told you that I always come back, late, but I do, I promised to be there for you at all times, give you my best advice when necessary and never leave you alone. You promised me the same thing, but now tell me, where was all that we once said?
I know that if I find you on the street some day I will not know what to say, I will probably cry at my house for not having spoken to you and I will regret it until I get tired, but I know it will be the best and I know it because you will not be the same person who runs behind me to ask me not to leave.

They tell me that it is better that I forget you, that if you love me so much you will have to return ... I do not believe that, despite everything that we have gone through, I know that you got tired of me, of the nonsense for which we fought, of my insecurity when wanting something with you and I do not blame you, all those actions that I had now have their consequences. I regret all the times I left you as if you were the worst thing in the world, of all the times I used you and yet you were still there for me.
Now I just have to remember all those I love you that you once told me, of all the beautiful things that you made me go through and how you made me see life in a different way, I thank you every minute that you wasted in me to get up from the depression great thing I was going through, I will never forget all that you did for me.
It does not matter that today we are not as close as before, on my part the promise of being there for you when you need it still stands.