I loved him because he was perfect but I was nowhere near perfection and that was my mistake.

You were the light in my dark world, the hope that shattered any doubt, the moon that lit up the midnight sky, you were everything I wanted but I know I didn't need.

It wasn't easy loving you but I did it not because of your pretty face; the golden skin, ocean eyes and luscious locks but because of your pure heart that stood out in a million.

It wasn't hard to spot in a crowd yet everyone loved you for it and that was where I lost you, the admirers were there and I unwillingly just became apart of the string of admirers you seemed to have following you every second.

I chose not to entertain the thought of us and our happily ever after yet my imagination had a mind of its own and it showed me endless ideas of how we could magically end up together and love each other forever yet I knew it was wishful thinking.

A wishful thinking that kept me awake at night, daydreaming during class with my eyes searching for you everywhere I went and that in itself showed me how you had stolen my heart with the mere snap of your fingers but I had not put up a fight to stop it from happening.

You were the epitome of perfection but your eyes lurked with a sadness I could not pinpoint and that tortured my soul, not being able to keep the love of my life happy and destroy the melancholic aura that is wrapped around you like a blanket.

I had fallen in love so deep that I can't find myself out of the abyss I had willingly jumped into and till this day, I sense no regret from within myself because my love for you is boundless like the ocean and it could end my life but I wouldn't mind at all.

You drove me to insanity, the kind of insanity where my eyes conjured up your physique in every place I visit; my ears ringing with your deep mellow laughter and husky voice that seemed too good to be true. With my hands itching to run my hands through your luscious locks that were as dark as the night, that swept over your forehead nearly hiding those ocean eyes that hypnotised me every time I came face to face with it.

I couldn't watch as your kind soul reached out to everyone and helped them, even those who were corrupt; their mind intent on using your pure heart for their selfishness.

I could watch that even if the pain stabbed me in the heart, repeatedly but what had hurt me the most was watching your smile become, wider and genuine (not the fake smiles you give here and there to hide the pain that laced your heart) once she came into the picture, in the blink of an eye kicking me out of your world.

She was beautiful, flawless even and she was not someone people could be compared to, her evergreen soul and loving eyes would beat them all, the string of admirers that I was apart of seemed to figure it out once she came and decided to nurse their broken hearts by staying as far away from you as possible yet my heart couldn't take the harsh truth. It couldn't take watching the two of you intertwine to become one because I loved you with everything I had and I believed I was meant to take her place.

The internal fight within me grew as the days went by, the devil tempting me to fight for you but the angel telling me to accept the truth and get rid of you from my mind and life.

I chose not to listen to either of them, I chose to live in my dream world where you and I were meant to be together forever and I was finally able to God’s creation up close.

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