If you believe in equality of the sexes, then you are, in fact, a feminist. -Emma Watson.

Tbh I've been wanting to write this for a long time. Feminism is a movement that has gained popularity among young people during the last decades. But still, what does feminism really means?

A lot of people may answer that feminism is about hating men and wanting women to rule the world. Although, the idea of women ruling the world is really tempting to me, I don't think it would work for humanity to change male supremacy for female supremacy. Others may say that feminism is just something we made up to victimize women and blame everything on men. The truth is that these is completely fake. Feminism is an movement that empowers women in order to achieve equality between male and female.

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This movement is the reason women have a voice nowadays. Because of it we have the right to vote, to hold public office, to work, to earn fair wages or equal pay, to own property, to receive education, to enter contracts, to have equal rights within marriage, to have maternity leave, we can access to legal abortions and social integration. Feminism protects women from rape, sexual harassment, domestic violence, etc.

Did you know that over sixty thousand women are violent killed every year? (DATA: SAS-RESEARCH 2004-2009) Among twenty five countries with highest rates of feminicide in the world, fourteen belong to Latinamerica. Every 98 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted. 7 out of 10 sexual assaults go unreported. Out of 1000 rapes, 994 perpetrators won't go to jail.

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As a little girl I was taught "life skills" like:

1. Never let a stranger take you to their place unless you go with someone you trust a 100%. Strangers can rape you and kill you.
2. Never recieve drinks at a party unless you see what's in it. Boys can rape you and kill you.
3. Never walk alone late at night. Men can rape you and kill you.
4. Scream "fire", not "help", so people care.
5. Don't hang out only with boys because people will see you as a whore. Don't have a sexual life because people will see you as a slut. Don't state your opinion clearly and stand for it or poeple will see you as a bitch.

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I think most of us have heard those "tips" from people that care about us, it's part of the reality of being a female on this society. But why are we taught that we souldn't be able to do a lot of things in order to be safe instead of teaching boys how to behave?

"We teach girls shame; close your legs, cover yourself, we make them feel as though by being born a female they're already guilty of something" -Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Women are taught that as women we are weaker than men. Haven't you ever heard "you are a girl so you need to be submisive"? Or "you are a girl, you can't do that" ? "That´s a man's job"?

When I am assertive, I’m a bitch. When a man is assertive, he’s a boss. -Nicki Minaj.
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I don't want to make this article too long, but the truth is that there are A LOT of real and important issues that I'm sure a lot of us aren't aware of. Women are denigrated only because we were born women.

"One is not born, but rather beomes a woman." -Simone de Beauvoir.

What did Simone de Beauvoir meant when she wrote this? She didn't talk about the physical characteristics that come with women (unless you are a trans woman of course), but about the social construction that comes with us. The belief that women are inferior to men that is still present in our time is a really concerning issue. We can see it, for example, on one of the most powerful men this days: Donald Trump. I'm not hating on him, I'm just stating facts. He always has a misogynist and objectifying comment to make, "I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it, you can do anything… grab them by the pussy.” How in earth this man became president of USA? He literally says that he is allowed to sexually assault a woman.

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But for me, what does feminism means?

I was first introduced to feminism on this plataform, I found a collection about girl power and I felt so comfortable and supported that the word began to look appealing to me. I made my research and after a week I was completely decided to become a proper feminist. I began to discover a lot of behaviors that I'm not proud of, for example slut-shaming, hating on other women, etc. I must admit that even though it was something I learnt from society, I always felt they were wrong, but if everyone else was acting the same, why should I stop?

There's where feminism changes my life. I understood that women aren't my competition, they are my sisters. Women are marvelous creatures, we should act like a sorority and learn how to support each other. We need to fight what society stablished for us so many centuries ago, when women were only seen as house maids and mothers.

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Feminism helped me to learn how to love and empower myself. I've always been a girl with issues, I'm extremely insecure and I must admit I was so worried about being attractive to guys that I forgot that I wasn't born to find one. I learnt how to appreciate who I was and I was taught how to improve. I can say that I've became a better person, extremely independent and self confident. I've learnt to speak up, not only for myself and my beliefs but for other people too. I've became more empathic with everyone around me, I stopped criticizing other women and now I support them with all my heart. Imagine all the awesome things we could achieve is we just learnt how to respect each other and not to compete.

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Feminism is an easy way to improve, not only for ourselves but for others. It makes the world an easier place to live in. For me, feminism is everything I stand for. Although there exist different branches of it, the essence is equality and women rights. Why shouldn't we support it? Wouldn't it be dumb that, as humans, we don't support women when they represent 49.6% of the world population?

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I know that this isn't my best article, my mind is in the clouds and I can't seem to be able to organize correctly my ideas, but I hope the message I'm trying to transmit is understood by everyone who honors me by opening this article.

Have an amazing week, remember to spread positive vibes.

Just love and understanding, positivity.- Ed Sheeran, What Do I Know.