This is my first ever article and i really wanted to write about whats going on in my life and inside myself so weheartit introduced articles and it is super cool. So here we go

I am 22 years old,still trying to find myself and wasted so many years of my life trying to be someone I am not.
But nowadays I don't know how but i started making myself a priority over all those friends who aren't really my friends,my so-called relatives and even my parents.
I realised the first step is saying 'NO', which is a complete sentence in itself.
Saying NO is actually easy than it appears.
It taught me to keep myself on top of my priority list and all these years of anxiety and depression are actually starting to fade.It seems difficult at first but you can actually do it. Trust Me.
It's my first step hope to get closer to myself and my happiness.

see ya