First of all, I wanted you to know that I was about to name the article "Transform your room without expending money", but, I was like: Almost all the post that are named like that are a lie because you buy at least something that you do not have in home. So, because I know that kind of cases, and as you can read the tittle, I'll write about how you can transform your room without expending a lot of money.

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Interior Design is not decorate. We don't study for put a mirror or a plant somewhere. We study for transform a place and make it comfortable and special for the person that contract us.

I say that because it's important that you know that the concept of Interior Design that almost everyone have is wrong.

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And... what this have to do to the article? It's because I want you to know that Interior Design is not decorate, and in this case to transform your room we can't transform it like a master room or something bigger than the one you can have.

So, to start, You have to pick a style (If you want to), choose the color that you want and choose something that you want that to be the center of attention.

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Choose things that make your room your special place, make it look that is really yours.

If you can, change the color of your room and paint with your favorite color, but my advice is the next one: If your room is too dark choose a soft or light color like yellow, beige, white and maybe gray. And If your room is lighter, CONGRATS!! You're lucky, you can choose the color you want, It doesn't matter If it is a light or darker color, take advantage of the light you have. Also, If your room is too dark It won't be bad to buy a very good light so It will look more lighter.

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Other things tat you can do to transform your room are:


Do not choose heavy curtains. get semitransparent curtains or curtains that allow the passage of light.

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If you don't want your room to be bored, make some paints, draws, diy or whatever you like and you want to put in you wall. You can also make a mural in your wall.

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Another great idea is choose your favorites photos that you have and put it in your wall.

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Change your lines, or, you can buy a new ones, you can buy in a solid color or with a pretty cool pattern. You can also make or buy new pillow with different forms.

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If you don't like the mirror that you actually have, you can buy it a new one. But, I prefer to transform it and decorate with tiny cool things that I like. You can do the same. You can take your mirror and If you see it ugly or bored, make some flowers or things you like (hearts, cats, dogs, birds, sheets, WHATEVER you like) and then stick them on the edges of the mirror.

You can do the "whatever you like" with thing that you can have in home, like paper, foamy, the plastic of the bottles. Make your mind rise and let get out your imagination.

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If you have a desk and you feel like it's kind bored do homework or anything else there, paint you desk!! Paint it like you want it. Buy a plant and put it on your desk, It will look more pretty and It's good for you and your room. You can buy a cactus or succulent, or just a tiny plant.

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You can also buy a thing that you liked and you saw in a store for decorate your desk, or, you can also do it, It's better when you do the things to transform your room, it makes it more yours. Trust me.

Put a photo, things to have organizated your stuff and put a pillow in your chair if you want!

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I already mentioned to have a plant in your desk. But, why don't have a plant a little more bigger than the one in your desk?

Buy a plant that you like, a sansevieria trifasciata, that's actually a trend in interiorism and it looks really cool.

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You must keep in mind that if you buy a plant for your room it must be one that survives interior spaces, and also a plant that doen't stole too much space in your room.

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I'll let you here a link of a page that have a list of plants that you can have in interiors!

Oh! I almost forget something very important. Choose a palet of colors for your room, don't make it look with a lot of colors just because all the things you have just beause you like it for the color. Choose between three or five color as maximum.

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