I've always wanted to stop time,
so I can take a little breather and look up at the night sky.

As you can see, i'm a big fan of the night sky and it's shimmering stars,
the sound of the crickets chirping in the distance,
and the cold night breeze blowing past you.

From where I live at,
I can see the stars by just looking up at the sky at night.

It's so pretty and relaxing,
It felt like that was the only time I got to relax.

I'm a kinesiology major and it's a very intense course in college,
I barely get any time to study and because I've been lacking sleep,
my memory has gone downhill as well.

I rarely have time for myself,
I go from work to school and school to work.

Average time I spend at home is 7 hours per day,
10 hours at work,
and 4-5 hours at college.

It's been so hard and ive been literally just bottling it up and it's a very hypocritical move because it didn't do me any good in the long run. Here I am, possibly have to retake anatomy next semester while still wearing the same amount of stress on my weak shoulders.
My parents decided to lecture me about how being bi/gay isn't right but really I'm 18 and ive been wanting to move out but they CONSTANTLY guilt trip me, it's the worse. (and no they don't know yet whew)
They still don't know that I'm bi, but then again theyre the ones who also laughed it off when I got sexually assaulted when I was in middle school.
I probably shouldn't be talking about this but this is the only social media platform I have that I can vent peacefully on and being fully honest without my friends finding out.

But like I said,
I've always been a fan of the night sky.
Sometimes I get lost in the galaxy by just glancing at it.