After seeing Claire seemed quite innocent, I decided to dedicate my time to people who weren’t – the people I used to call my friends. They were very easy to find, always trying to be the center of attention at all times, just like I had taught them. The loudest table at lunch, the loudest group in the halls – recognition came with volume, even if that meant over text or social media. We always found a way to have all eyes on us, even if that meant pushing other people down in the process. We left a trail of destruction behind us so anyone could find us. We loved it, and I could see they still did.

My absence didn’t seem to affect them at all. In fact, it didn’t seem to affect anyone. Anyone but my now ex-boyfriend who would still make sure there were fresh flowers by my locker and scrub off any words painted on it by haters of my fame. But my fame didn’t last beyond my life, it only extended the fame I had given to the group that followed me, and the thanks I got was them acting like they had killed the queen and conquered the kingdom for themselves. In a way that was true.

Once school was out I followed them to one of their houses, everyone hanging out the way we used to. They shoved shirts in the crack between the door and the floor and smoked their different vices, just like I had taught them to. They laughed as they got high and I hated being the one sober person there. I wasn’t sure if ghosts could get high but I had a pretty good feeling they couldn’t. Not that I would be able to pick it up, as my trials had all come out as errors when trying to pick up or move anything.

How do the ghosts in the movies do it?!

I felt the anger well up inside of me. They told me those diet pills were safe. They told me there would be no side effects. They said those pills would make me less hungry, not that they would kill me. I slammed my fist against the desk next to me and, to my surprise, everything on it shook from the impact. The group all stared at where the sound had come from then started asking the people nearest to it who had hit the desk.

That was when the idea hit me. Ghosts may not be able to get high, but they can haunt. I could make them pay for everything they had done to me.

I pushed the mason jar over and watched as a handful of pencils rolled out onto the desk. The group became completely silent, watching as the pencils fell to the ground. I swat a notebook off next and one of the girls let out a shriek. Some of the guys there started slowly moving away from the chaos while most of the girls were paralyzed with fear. I felt a smile grow on my face as my chest filled with the feeling of revenge. I was only getting started.

I swiped my arm over anything left until there was nothing on that unused desk. They started to stand up and escape but I got to the door before them, making them believe they were trapped. I kept knocking things over all around them, from lights to books to makeup. The continued to screech and the boys seemed to be checking out the window to see if they could make a safe landing jumping from the second story.

“Guys, stop! Maybe we can try to communicate with it!”

Everyone turned to see the girl who lived in this house holding up an Ouija board. Most nodded and sat down around it while a couple of quieter girls sat outside of the circle without a sound. Those in the circle held hands and the girl taking charge spoke out.

“Spirit, if you are there please make yourself known.”

I thought I had done quite a good job of that already, but just for good measure I knocked over the mirror next to her bed.

“If you could tell us your name?”

I leaned in toward the board. We had used this board countless times as a prank, but we had never heard from the beyond before. I definitely had never been the one from the beyond before. Nevertheless, I touched the planchette and started to move it from letter to letter as she confirmed each one out loud.


“It’s Cassandra,” one of the girls outside of the circle murmured, but everyone seemed to hear it. A girl beside her sighed in relief.

“Is it you, Cassandra?”

I pushed the planchette to the corner that said ‘Yes’.

“Cassandra, are you alri-“

“She’s obviously not alright, you idiot,” one of the boys started, “she’s dead.”

She sighed and tried again. “Are you al-“

But before she could finish I had already started spelling again.

“M–U–R–D–E–R. Murder? Did someone murder you?”

I slid the wooden triangle to the ‘Yes’ corner again.

“Who murdered you, Cassandra?”

This time the whole room spoke each letter, “Y–O–U.”

With that I grabbed the light bulb above them with my bare hand, knowing I wouldn’t feel any pain, and squeezed so tightly that I burst the room into darkness. The walls bounced off the screams of terror as the people stuck inside of them ran about in uncertain directions. I could hear the footsteps of an adult coming to their rescue and in fear I would somehow get caught I escaped as fast as I could.


ella ♡
ella ♡