Hello Everybody,

I'm Dreamer and this is my first article on my site. I would like to practise my english and write something new. My english isn't perfect but I try my best.
Maybe you could be curious, who I am. I hope you'll enjoy it!

1. Color of your Eyes

makeup, eyes, and eye image Temporarily removed makeup, beauty, and eyebrows image makeup, cherry, and eyes image
dark brown eyes

2. Hair Colour

hair, hairstyle, and beauty image hair, blonde, and pretty image Temporarily removed awesome, beautiful, and braid image
long, wawy, blonde & brown, ombre hair

3. Favourite Singer

dennis lloyd image playlist, song, and music image nevermind dennis lloyd image music, snow white, and dennis lloyd image
Dennis Lloyd

4. Favourite Colour

mac, pink, and glitter image pink, retro, and aesthetic image pastel, rose, and roses image dress, fashion, and pink image

5. Zodiac Sign

aesthetic, August, and edit image Leo, zodiac, and horoscope image astrology, horoscope, and Leo image gold, aesthetic, and Leo image

6. Do you have Siblings?

cute and love image baby, sisters, and family image christmas, kid, and presents image beach, bro, and brother image
I have a younger brother. He is my better side and the most important person in my life. <3

7. Favourite Food

bake, lobster, and seafood image cooking, greek, and food image beef, cheese, and potato image food and moussaka image

8. Favourite Animal

lion, animal, and wild image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
King of Animals

9. What Language can you speak?

budapest, hungary, and city image alternative, people, and wallpaper image city, london, and england image london, travel, and city image
Hungarian & English

10. Where do you want to Travel to?

summer, shark, and beach image fashion, heels, and pic image new york, visit, and city image girl image
Bahamas, Paris, New York and Greece

11. Favourite Movie

flowers, milk, and white oleander image film, movies, and white oleander image white oleander and alison lohman image etsy, how to, and beautiful pink image
White Oleander

12. Have you ever been in Love?

stars, love, and couple image Image by 🍒 lily🍒 blurry, cute, and love image aesthetic, couple, and skate image
Yes, I have.

13. Are you Single or in a Relationship?

aesthetic, couple, and Relationship image Image by ikhlas b`en a°mor Image by ina couple, love, and hands image
In a Relationship

14. Favourite Series

euphoria, aesthetic, and hunter schafer image euphoria, hbo, and alexa demie image euphoria, zendaya, and sydney sweeney image euphoria, zendaya, and aesthetic image

15. Favourite Season

clouds, nature, and sky image girl, flowers, and nature image shoes, pink, and flowers image flowers, pink, and rose image

My story, my feelings, my article.