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I woke up to the bright light of noon and groaned. I rolled over and buried my face in the pillow. Kade’s pillow. 

“Glad to see you’re awake, princess.” I let out another groan and turned myself over. Kade stood near the window, pulling on a sports jacket. He wore a white button down with the top buttons undone so I could see some of his chest. 

“Where are you going dressed up so spiffy?” I asked as I pulled the covers around me. His bed was so comfortable. 

“I’ve got shit I have to go do. Work stuff.” He shrugged and turned away. 

“What kind of work do you do?” I asked curiously and he chuckled. He walked toward me and pulled the covers off of me. I groaned out once more. 

“Doesn’t concern you, sweetheart. Do you plan on staying in bed all day?”


Kade frowned and sat down next to me. I starred into his eyes.His eyes were compelling. Vampires had the ability to control humans but I didn’t think he had used it on me- not yet at least. I used to put vervain in my drinks everyday, but it had been so long since I had had any. It was completely out of my system at this point.

“You need to go eat. Socialize. Maybe go help witchy out.” 

The way he referred to Yaelle seemed to hold disgust. There was so much I wanted to know about them. Kade’s past, how he got turned, how Yaelle was capable of living as long as she has, and everything about the rest of the vampires.

“If you are a good girl I might take you out soon.” Kade grinned at me and I rolled my eyes.

“What a pleasure being offered your company.” I sat up in the bed and ran my fingers through my hair. 

Kade stood up and walked towards door. 

“I’ll be back later. Don’t get in any trouble.” 

I nodded and he strolled out of the room. I slowly pulled myself out of the bed and walked over to the bookcase. It was covered in books and I scanned the collection. Suddenly, my eyes fell on an old book. The binding was hardly there and pages were stuck in. I carefully pulled it from the shelf and opened up it’s tattered, yellow pages. It was covered in fading words in another language. I had taken German in Highschool and I could pick up a couple words, but even then it wasn’t anything thing I fully recognized. I directed my eyes to the top of the page where a date was scribbled and my eyes widened. 1565. 

I realized that’s why the language wasn’t very familiar- sentence structuring developed over the years. When this was written, Germany wasn’t even Germany. Kade living during the Holy Roman Empire.

“Find anything interesting?”

I gasped and my hands let go of the book. My eyes froze in terror as it fell to the floor, but Kade hand swiftly caught it. 

“Don’t be careless. What are you doing looking through my stuff?” Kade hissed at me. I avoided his eyes and looked towards the floor.

“Well you were gone so...” I mumbled and he scoffed.

“Does that mean you can go through my things? No. No use trying to read it anyways. It’s basically ancient writing to someone like you.” I watched as he placed it on one of the higher shelves, probably so I couldn’t reach it. 

“Are you german?” I asked looking into his eyes. 

Kade turned away from me, ignoring my gaze. 

“What I am is late. Get out of my room. Now.” 

His voice hit me like a hammer and I looked away before walking out of the room. He was so confusing. He was actually being sweet last night but now? Now he was just different. And even though he didn’t want me going through his stuff, I had to know. 


I pulled on a pair of leggings, a tanktop, and a pair of combat boots. When Kade had left he told Yaelle to take me out of the house to help her with whatever the hell she does during the day. 

I walked out to the backyard in search of where Yaelle was. I had not ever been behind the house and was surprised. Flowers were everywhere. All sorts of plants and herbs grew, and at the edge of the garden was a small hut. It was exactly like what you would think a witch would live in. Rotting wood, cobwebs, and even a black cat laying in the grass, watching me intensely. I laughed nervously as I opened up the door. 

Yaelle lived in a stereotype- it was official. Vials of varying sizes and colors lined the walls, filled with liquids and powders and what looked like organs. Instruments that looked straight out of my eleventh grade chemistry lab were scatted across the counter along with a large book with a pentagram carved in the cover. And at the center of the room? A large cauldron with a white haired witch standing in front of it, humming to herself. She wore a large, black, point hat on her head. So cliche.

“Kade told me you would be assisting me today.” A smile crept on her face and I shivered. 

“You’ll be helping me gather herbs and all sorts of stuff in the forest today. Maybe we can even find a couple birds to bring back!” Yaelle gigged and did a little spin. She had on a long purple dress painted with moons. 

I gave an internal groan before nodding. Birds? Really? 

“Yay! Okay and maybe afterwards we can go to the store so I can restock on ingredients. You know I make potions and sell them? I don’t know how many dollars worth of lunch money I’ve stolen from little kids.” She giggled while twirling a long strand of white hair between her fingers. 

My brow furrowed. This would be a long day.


We spent the majority of the day looking for plants in the forest. It was about as fun as it sounds. I didn’t know how many ticks I found crawling on me. When Yaelle tired of the forest she decided we would go to a swamp. There was nothing like fighting off swarms of mosquitoes in Louisiana humidity. 

By the end of our search, Yaelle had filled up a large pouch (I tried to call is a fanny pack but she got angry at me) with herbs. Another “pouch” was filled with whatever small animals she could get her hands on. It was disturbing. 

The only perk of the day was when we went to the store. It was a small magic supply shop thirty minutes away from Kade’s house. Driving with Yaelle was terrifying. She drove like a manic, driving in the middle of the road and hardly ever keeping her hands on the wheel. “Magic will do it for me” she would say with a smile. 

The only thing of importance in the shop to me were cigarettes. Behind the counter selling voodoo dolls, candles, and charms was a display of cigarettes. I begged Yaelle and she finally gave in, buying me two packs and a lighter. 

She drove us home and I sat in the passenger seat happy. I had found from an early age that smoking was my friend. I’ll never forget the first time I smoked. It was the night I hunted my mother and her vampire boyfriend. Grams and were sitting on some steps in the French Quarter. It was completely silent except for the sound of a saxophone somewhere in the distance. She slowly pulled out her old fashioned, silver cigarette holder and took one out for her. And then the strangest thing happened- you handed another to me. She lit them and we smoked in silence with her free arm wrapped around my back in a slight huge. Some might say this was bad parenting, but it was better than some. She showed me survival. 


We arrived back at Kade’s house after dark. When I got out of Yaelle’s car, I heard loud music and I groaned. Of course there would be a party. Every week or so, the boys would host a wild party. I hated it. I had partied a lot it high school, but only because Jacob dragged me to them. I walked towards the house with Yaelle and froze. Through the glass window I could see a girl leaning against the wall smiling up at someone. A hand was placed above her head, the boy leaning in closer to her. Kade. Yaelle’s eyes followed mine and she nodded. 

“Master is popular with the ladies. You will get used to it. I have. But I always just tell myself the humans are just food and they will wither away into dust. Me? I will last forever at his side. But I guess you can’t use those words to comfort you.” Yaelle giggled and I turned towards her. 

“What do you mean by that?” I hissed at her, my heart sinking. It had been me with him last night, in his arms, surrounded by his kisses. But maybe I was just the flavor of the night. 

“Sweet human. I loved our master first. That’s why I am still here. I do whatever it takes to be by his side. You are just like those humans. You come. You lust. You fade. You die.” She laughed and gave me a wicked smile. There was nothing sane in her violet eyes. 

Anger filled me and my fist met her face. She fell towards the ground and laughed. “You are just agreeing with me further. Fret not, sweet human, I won’t hurt you because my master craves you.” She pulled herself up and straightened her hat. 

“Please excuse me. I have some men to entertain.” Yaelle giggled and I felt sick. I was sick of her fucking laugh. It was constant. 

“Wait. How do you live forever?” I asked grabbing her shoulder. 

She cocked her heard to the side and smiled. “I’m basically a vampire without fangs. Watch me and find out.” 

An invisible force yanked my hand away from her and threw me back onto the ground. I coughed and watched her walk inside. 

I needed a cig. 


I sat on the ground outside of the house, smoking a cigarette. It was quiet outside compared to the noise coming from the house. The music was getting louder and louder to the point where the window above my head was shaking. 

I took another drag when the door to the house opened. A small crowd of people stumbled out and I frowned. I wanted to be able to sulk in silence over Kade. Despite what I wanted, I had feelings for him. I thought maybe he felt the same, but who am I kidding? He is over four hundred years old. He had seen the world change and evolve. His eyes had seen a countless number of girls far more beautiful than I would ever be. Why would be ever see me as anything more than a distraction? My heart sank again and I took another drag. 

I felt someone sit down beside me and I turned to look at them in the darkness. Adam was sitting there looking at me. 

“I’ll trade you a drink for a cigarette.” He smiled at me and I nodded. 

I pulled a cigarette out and lit it for him. In exchange he handed me a red solo cup filled with a red liquid. I raised my eyebrows at him. 

“What is it?”

Adam shrugged, the cigarette resting in between his fingers. “Some sort of concoction Carter mixed up.”

I nodded and took a sip. I couldn’t taste any alcohol in it and drank more. When I was done draining half the cup, I turned to look at Adam. He was watching me with amusement. 

“So why are you out here all alone?”

I shrugged and drank some more. “I just don’t want to go inside yet. I saw Kade in there with some girl and I don’t want to start punching things. Or start crying.” 

Adam gave me a faint smile. “Why not do both? At the same time?” 

I laughed and his smile faded. “Don’t let him get to you. He is just like that. He is standoffish with me too.” 

“Why? If he turned you shouldn’t y’all be like best vampire friends forever?” I dropped the cigarette on the ground and snuffed it would with my boot.

Adam shook his head and smiled weakly. “He didn’t turn me. He only turned Carter. They are the only best vampire friends forever around here.” He took one more drag of the cigarette and leaned his head against the house. 

I looked at him curiously. Vampire normally turned multiple humans to keep them company. It was unusual for them to only have turned one, especially if they were as old as Kade.

“So how did you two meet then?”

“It’s a long story,” Adam sighed, “But he is apart of this council to help keep vampires a secret from the public. They hunt down and kill the vampires that are a threat to exposure. Ones that kill a mass amount and feed without restraint. I was one of those vampires. Kade took pity on me and decided I could learn to control myself since I was still fairly young and so I did with his guidance.“ 

Council? I had never heard of such, but I suppose that means they are doing their job. Looking at Adam, all I saw was a sweet, quiet boy. He kept to himself and his books and didn’t say a whole lot. I couldn’t see a killer, it just didn’t seem in his nature. 

I went to say something when a girl stumbled out of the house. She wobbled about, clutching onto a cup. 

“Adam!” She giggled and slowly walked towards us, trying to keep her composure. 

“I’ve been looking for you! You’re missing all the fun. C’mon.” Her words were slurred und seemed to spill out of her mouth. 

“Fine. I’m coming. I’ll see you in a bit, Scarlet.” Adam stood up and nodded towards me before walking away. 

I sighed and drank the last of whatever was in the cup. It was almost addictive and I wanted more. I got up off the ground and walked towards the door. I was forgetting my worries from earlier and all I wanted was to have a little bit of fun. 


I walked into the house and found the drink table. I grabbed a cup and filled it before draining the contents. It tasted like punch with no trace of alcohol in it. I drank cup after cup and my head started to spin. It felt like my brain was flipping over and over. I stumbled around the house looking for someone to keep me company. My eyes landed on Carter and I giggled. A girl sat on top of him and his hands were grasping her butt cheeks. I walked over to him and flopped myself down on the sofa next to him.

“Carter I’m bored!” Burp. 

He glared down at me as I rested my head on his arm. He smelled clean and so... boyish. 

“Go away, Scarlet. Now.” He hissed at me and I frowned. 

I nudged his arm with my head and groaned. 

“Please just let me hang out with y’all.” Burp.

“Hear that, sweetheart?” Carter smiled at the girl still sitting on his lap before slapping her ass. “We may have a third party today.” 

She giggled. He smirked. I burped.

I looked at him curiously. “We already are at a party. Where is the second? When is the third.” 

Carter laughed at me and poked my head. 

“You are drunk. Go away. Leave me alone.” 

I shook my head desperately and he sighed. 

“Sorry about this, darling,” Carter said, looking at the girl in his lap. “We are going on a slight road trip.”

She giggled as he stood up and picked her up bridal style. I watched as he carried her out of the room and up the stairs. 

I sighed before standing up. I searched among the people. Kade was no where to be seen. He was probably in his bed where I slept the night before, screwing that girls brains out. I drank some more and looked around. I found Adam leaning against the wall drinking from a bottle of beer. His lips were redder than before and his eyes were darker. He had recently fed. 

I grinned as I stood in front of him. He was at least at foot taller, so he looked at me with an expressionless face. 

“Sorry for not looking for you. After I was done with Sophie I went outside but you weren’t there anymore.” Adam took another sip and I grabbed the bottle from him. I took a gulp and let out a happy sigh. 

“Ohhhh so Sophie? What is she your girlfriend?” I poked his arm and he shook his head. 

“Just some college girl that comes to these parties. I feed and she gets free booze. Easy.” 

Relief seemed to sweep over me when he said they weren’t involved. He was so cute and I wanted him to pay attention to me. I stood up on my tip toes and ruffled his silver hair. I smiled before grabbing his hand.

“Where are you taking me?”

“I guess Sophie won’t mind if we dance then?” I grinned and he furrowed his brows.

“I shouldn’t. Not with you.” 

I shrugged before leading him out to where people were dancing to the loud music that filled the room. I danced on him  for a couple songs, losing myself in the music. I could feel the rhythm rushing over me and taking me over. Eventually I looked up and saw him. Kade. He was leaning against the wall with a tight black shirt on and starring right at me. My heart beat fast and I turned around to look up at Adam who was looking at me with lust filled eyes. 

“Hey.” He placed a hand on my lower back and heat rose to my checks. 

I could feel Kade’s gaze burning holes into my back. 

“I’ve had fun but I don’t want you to get in any trouble.” Adam frowned before slowly nodding. The lust in his eyes was replaced with disappointment and my heart hurt a little bit. I wanted to make him happy but I couldn’t. I backed away from him and picked up a half full cup of punch off the ground. I downed it and began stumbling towards Kade, drinking whatever cups I found on the way.

I stopped in front of him. He was frowning at me and I smiled proudly before doing a little spin.

“Look! I’m back from community service! With all my organs intact.” Kade blue eyes followed me as I attempted to finish the spin, but I fell over instead. 

He grabbed my arm, steadying me. 

“I was paying more attention to you dancing against my friend.” Disapproval was written on his face and I shrugged. 

“Why? Are you jealous? Want it to me you?” I smirked at him and he stood there emotionless. I wrapped arms around his neck and starting moving against him in sync with the music. 

Kade looked at me and his eyes darkened. His hands slipped around my waist, pulling me closer to him. I was pushed against him completely. I bushed and smiled at him. I wanted to take this further. I wanted to be that girl he was with earlier. I wanted it to be only me. 

“You’re damn right. Only person you should be dancing with is me.”

I took my arms off of him and turned around. I grinded  my backside against him and his hands grabbed my waist firmly. 

“You sure you want to me doing that, sweetheart?” Kade growled in my ear and I shivered. 

“Uh huh.” I whispered back and leaned up to kiss him. I met his lips hungrily, like an animal after its prey. I went harder and turned myseld around to where I faced him. I pushed him against the wall and he growled, kissing me back. I could taste whiskey on his tongue and it mixed in with the fruity flavors of Carter’s punch. My fingers ran through his hairs and I bit his lip. Suddenly I was lifted up into his arms. He held me close and I leaned my head against his chest as he moved like lightening carrying me into his room. 

I tensed as he threw me on the bed. This is where he and that girl were. They had to have been. Kade pulled off his shirt and I froze knowing the girl had done this too. He leaned in to kiss me, but I didn’t kiss back.

“You know this generally works better if you kiss back.” He joked towards me. 

I shook my head and flipped over, burying my face in the pillow. 

“I don’t want to be like all the other girls you take me your room and screw and then leave. But I also want to be like them so maybe I’ll be special and you’ll let me read your books and pay attention to me!” I wailed. It came out as a Muffled cry against the pillow. 

“Geez what are you taking about?” I snuck a peek at him. He stood above me scratching his head.

“That girl. The pretty one from earlier. You went off with her.” I hissed at him and he starred at me.

Suddenly a laugh crawled from his mouth and it was my turn to stare. Why the fuck was he laughing at my feelings?

“Gosh, princess, if you wanted me to feed from you, you could just ask.” Kade’s strong arms flipped me over to where I was looking up at him. His lips moved over my neck and I froze.

“What are you talking about?”

“You want to be like the other girls right? Like the one from earlier? I feed from them and then toss them aside. I wasn’t planning on doing that with you, but if you insist.” His fangs grazed my skin and I shook my head furiously. 

“I thought you had sex with her!”

“So every time I talk to a girl it means I want to get in their pants?” Kade said causing me to blush. I realized I was being stupid. 

“Look, Scar. You are special. No girl ever comes into my room. No one gets the chance to even look at my books, least of all read them.” Kade sighed before climbing out of the bed and taking the book from the top shelf.

My eyes followed in, fascinated. Kade held it up and waved it around.

“It’s not like you can read it anyways. It’s in Early High German. Even I have issues reading it after all this time.” 

I frowned. “I don’t care if I can’t read it. I studied German in school so I can translate some of it. I just want to learn about you.” 

He sat the book back on the shelf and pulled out another one. It was large and thick. Kade walked back over to the bed and sat it in front of me.

“It’s a lot different than what they teach in school. But you won’t have trouble reading this.” He smiled faintly and sat down beside me.

Suddenly, I had the urge to get rid of all the drinks that I had consumed. I hurriedly got out of the bed and stumbled towards Kade’s bathrooms. My head pounded and I fought with the door knob to get it open. 

“Where are going?”

“Bathroom. Sick. Gotta go.” I frantically said. 

I finally pulled open the door and ran to the toilet where I kneeled beside it. I felt a gust of wind and my long hair being pulled back away from my face. If I hadn’t been getting sick, I would have found the gesture incredibly sweet. 

I puked for what felt like forever. I finally stood up and nodded at Kade. 

“Th-thank you.” I stuttered, wiping off my mouth. How embarrassing. 

“Here,” Kade pulled open one of the bathroom drawers, “use this.” 

In his hands was a tooth brush still in the package and I smiled. He looked away, a little blush painted on his cheeks. He opened the package and handed it to me. My smile grew as I went to the sink and brushed my teeth. I had to rid myself of the taste in my mouth. 

I frowned as I starred at my reflection in the mirror in front the sink. My hair was a mess and I had dirt on my arms from the woods. I looked at my neck where Kade had playfully placed his fangs. I ran my hand over my the skin and the tattoo that rested on it. A hand reaching up holding a sword. Excalibur. I used to love the tattoo, but it reminded me of Alec and standing there with Kade made me want to tear it from my skin. I didn’t want to remember him. Only Kade. Would it be bad if I let him bite me? Let him leave a mark that would remind me of him instead of the boy that came before? Desire filled me and my eyes moved away from my neck towards my shirt. My frown grew even more as I looked at the vomit on the front. I sighed and pulled off my shirt and turned towards Kade.

“If you need a shower, you can take it.” He pointed towards the shower and I nodded slightly. He starred at my body. His eyes fell on my exposed chest and he smirked. 

“Yes. Thank you.” I smiled awkwardly. 

“When you’re done you can look through the book.”

I smiled a little bit more and he swiftly left the room. What a man. 


I left the shower and wrapped a towel around me. I dried myself off and looking for my clothes. They were no where to be found. I take it all back- Kade is an asshole.I held the towel tightly around me and stormed out of the bathroom, and towards his closet. 

“Where are you going, love?” Kade was suddenly in front of me and I gasped, almost letting the towel go.

“Don’t do it! Don’t do the speedy thing! It fucking scares me!” I screeched and he laughed. 

He ran a quick circle around me and I growled.

“Kade, I need clothes.” 

“No. Only thing a human needs to survive is food, water, and shelter. That’s what they teach in your fancy high school huh?” 

What an annoying dick! He smiled at me cheekily and I huffed. 

“Fine then.” I turned and walked towards the bedroom door and he appeared in front of me again. 

“Oh no. Party is still going on. I won’t let you drink anymore nor expose yourself to anyone.” He paused for a moment and smirked again. “Just to me.” 

I pushed him back and walked towards the closet. I was met with his eyes once more. 

“Don’t do that!” I hissed once more and he grinned.

“Give me a kiss first and I’ll let you go.” 

I sighed and leaned up and gave him a quick peck. I went to pulled away, but his hands moved to the back of my head, kissing me more. I moved into the kiss before breaking it.

Kade stepped to the side and opened the closet door for me. I walked in and looked through his closet. Suits and sports jackets lined one side and on the other were regular shirts and jeans and jackets. I found a large tee shirt for a band I hadn’t heard of and a pair of sweatbands. 

“You look great. Really. What a shirt.” He grinned and I tossed myself on the bed. He was flipping through the book, studying it closely. It wasn’t a journal, but a photo album. 

“It’s been a long time since I looked in this.” 

I studied one of the pictures. There in black in white stood Carter and Kade, smiling lightly. They wore confederate uniforms. It was an old photograph; it looked like one of those photos that you see from the 1800s. 

“That was the first picture ever taken of me. Carter and I were returning from war and he insisted we get it done. He was such a kid.” 

I smiled as he talked. It was nice to see him be happy about something. To reminisce. 

“How did y’all meet?” 

“When I came to America in the 1800s, his family came with me. I had bought a piece of land in Louisiana, the same land I’m on now. He lived in France at the time and his father insisted they come. Said if I paid for their voyage, he would help build my house. I agreed.”

“And so we came here and began building the house. I grew fond of Carter over the months we labored. But then the yellow fever hit.” Kades eyes closed and I could tell he was lost in thoughts. 

“My parents died of the plague when I was a child. It left my brothers and me alone to fend for ourselves. I really don’t know how we evaded it. When Carter got ill I panicked. He knew what I was and begged me to turn him. He had been more of a brother to me in the small year I had known him than my brothers had been to me in the last three hundred. So I agreed.

“I turned him and then Yaelle solved his sun issue. The rest was history.”

Kade flipped a couple pages and pointed at a photo of the two wearing army uniforms. He grinned. “World War Two was a nice way to meet ladies.” 

I was speechless. How many wars had he fought in? 

“So how did you meet Yaelle?” I said as I rested my head on his chest. I was curled up next to him under the blanket. 

“That’s a complicated story. I don’t want to dive into that tonight.” He closed the book and set it on the table beside his bed. 

I wanted to stop him, but I had gotten enough information for tonight. I looked up at his face and he looked at me. He ran his fingers though my hair and patted my head.

“You are different than I imagined.” He spoke softly and I turned my head. 


Kade didn’t respond. He turn off the light and turned on his side. Music was still playing downstairs, but it had grown quiet.  

“Goodnight, Scar.” 

“Night,Kade.” I whispered and let his arms wrap around me. 

It felt nice and safe. He was a beautiful person with such a history. I smiled and sank into my thoughts. I was special he said. Different. I wanted to stay like this forever. 

It hit me and my heart sank. It wouldn’t stay like this- I would fade and die.