We all love traveling, don’t we? People travel to see modern cities and ancient towns, to enjoy picturesque places. ✨✨
When u travel u are exposed to things which u would probably never experience if u stayed at home.
I’d like to tell u about my travelings.✈️

✔️ Prague, Czech Republic
This city is especial for me as it’s too atmospheric and romantic.❣️Lots of mysterious streets and parks , soft shine of streetlights and magical squares in the city center. ⭐️

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✔️ Vienna, Austia
Vienna is not just a capital of Austria, but also its pride! It’s a city with eventful history, rich buildings and delicious coffee.⛪️Vienna is a real museum-city, which is surrounded by the Alps. ⛰

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✔️ Drezden, Germany
Dresden is located on the river Elbe near the Czech Republic.⛲️It’s town of universities and museums with narrow streets, grandiose buildings and famous National Gallery!

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Sometimes when I want to run away from the bustling city, I go to the MOUNTAINS. I consider that wild nature is also worth seeing. ☘☝️

✔️ Hallstatt, Austria
I bet that Hallstatt is a dream of every traveler! It’s really an amazing small paradise, surrounded by breathtaking mountains. It’s like a fabulous Disney village, where live all cartoon characters. ⛵️

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✔️ Natiolan Park Czech Switzerland
Wonderful park on the border of Czech and Germany with huge rocks. The most interesting fact about this place is that popular film «The Chronicles of Narnia» was filmed here.

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To sum up, I believe, that traveling can broaden ur mind and expect ours outlook. Travel more and gain new experiences.

Thanks for reading my article!💕