the funniest thing happened. i was at this stand-up comedy show last night and since there was a whole lot of people there, there weren't any seats left by the time i entered the room. so i literally had to stand up during the stand-up.


day 3: write about two memories

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it was my friend's 17th birthday. she invited me and my best friend and two other girls that my best friend and i didn't really like, but since all of us were really close with the birthday girl, we didn't want to fight or cause any drama. and that one night, we all had a little too much to drink that hatred just didn't exist anymore. we had so much fun and at that point in my life, i was against drinking so i was the most sober one, that's why i kept taking short videos of them just saying nonsense and being silly. the videos are golden. they make me laugh every time.

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when i was a little kid (3-6 years old) my mom, dad, brother, grandma, grandma's partner and i would all go on these little trips to the nearest lakes where we'd just go fishing and eat picnics for hours. i, being the skinny legend i am, would usually strip down to my panties and my socks and casually fish naked like that. one time, the catfish actually pulled my fishing rod into the lake so the adults spent the entire afternoon running around the lake trying to catch my rod with their rods. and yes, i did sit back, eat my corn and watch them as they tried to fix my mistake.

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