Hey, guys! Today I came to talk about an increasingly present scare in our day to day, racism.
In the movie x men first class, the following sentence appears, the same as the title of this article: Mutant and proud, a phrase that appears to be said by a girl and what mystic happens to speak too. It turns out that this phrase is not just about the mutants and all the prejudice they go through (which is also portrayed in The gifted, series I recommend) but also refers to the prejudice we are going through today. I know that many people do not like x men in cinemas, because they are very poorly exploited and so on, but the fact that it is a series of fictional films and at the same time delve into the issues that are so prevalent in our day enchants me. Well, I came to share this phrase, which I now use, for all to inspire to be what they are and to be proud of it, after all, the first step to be accepted and respected is to accept and respect. Let's be ourselves today and proud !!