teenage years can be really hard: either if you are boy o girl, sometimes you can feel the social pressure over you about certain things. i'm going through it because i'm seventeen and i'm a teenager. i have to say it, the society is always changing, opening to new posibilities but not everyone can understand it. adults might think that this generation is wrong because the world isn't what it was before and new concepts are borning. and here's the problem: the new things can be misunderstanded and used as an excuse to make people feel bad about themselves. maybe, it can mean nothing to you but some other people can take it really in a personal way and hurt them very deep.
as a person who went and is going through some bad moments and issues; as a kid who grew up in Argentina, a country where mental health still being a taboo and something that isn't taken seriously, i'm here to represent myself and being the voice of the ones who can't talk and express their feelings for so many reasons. in the last two days, a lot of people offered me their help and their shoulder to cry. and i understood that i'm the one responsable for my own happiness, i'm the one who let bad people hurt me or not. but i can't be strong everyday because i'm human after all. that's why i need this list, and i wanted to share it with you. feel free to use it in your lifes, i hope you like this articule and sorry for my bad english (i'm still learning!)

🖤i'm pretty, i can reach everything i want, i'm smart and a good person
🖤i'm not either superior or inferior to any other person
🖤i forgive myself about all my mistakes in the past
🖤i forgive myself for have forgotten about me and my wellbeing
🖤there's no way of changing the past but i can create really good things in the future
🖤i'm really strong
🖤i don't bother other people
🖤there's people wanting to know me and i have to let them get closer to me
🖤there's good people in this world
🖤i have to get out from my comfort zone and try new things
🖤there will be bad people but i don't have to follow them but kill them with kindness
🖤problems are lessons in life
🖤it's okay to say "no" and that don't make me a selfish person
🖤i must value what i have and fight for what i want
🖤i must be careful with my thoughts and advices because not all of them are good
🖤my past and my problems doesn't define me: they have make me stronger but i'm so much more than that
🖤i'm the one responsable for my own happiness
🖤bad words don't define me because i know very well who i am
🖤good things are coming to my life
🖤i'll accept every complimment without doubt about it.