hellooo, so I'm back with another tag :) this time is not a kpop one but i hope you like it anyway!!
first I just want to say that I truly think luke castellan is a reaaally under aprecciated character because he was just a lonely kid who really wanted to be with his father who didn't even cared for him

so yep, that's kind of everything, I hope you enjoy it and I leave you the link here!!


this are some of the best ones:

Middle Finger by Bohnes

red, Devil, and aesthetic image red, moon, and black image

Outcast by NF

red, sea, and aesthetic image quotes, aesthetic, and red image

The Beautiful & Damned by G-Easy & Joe Nash

crown, red, and Queen image Abusive image

Sinner by Andy Grammer

Abusive image red, quotes, and aesthetic image

Monster by Imagine Dragons

quotes, text, and aesthetic image red, house, and flowers image

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