Hey guys! So my birthday is coming up in the next few weeks and I thought it would be a good idea to gives ideas of what to get teen girls for their birthdays or what to ask for. This is like a wishlist but obviously I wouldn't get all of these things.

New Shoes

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Personally this is what I am asking fro because I've had my current running shoes for three years and they are almost getting holes!

A Trip

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This could be a trip to somewhere close by but still fun, or if it is a special birthday then maybe somewhere far!

A Wallet or Purse

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My wallet is actually falling apart lol so I definitely need a new and better quality one.


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Hoodies are a very cute and versatile piece that is great for the current weather.


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I love skirts so much but I literally have none so I really want one especially since they are becoming more popular.

Other Trendy Clothes

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Clothes that many people like are a good idea for getting someone a gift because there is a better chance that they will like it.


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Birthdays are a great time to get or ask for makeup that you wouldn't normally buy that is maybe more luxury. Eyeshadow palettes are a great gift!

A Kanken

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Kankens make great gifts because their quality is amazing, they are trendy and popular and most people wouldn't buy them themselves because they are more expensive.

A Camera

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I got my camera last year for my birthday and I love it! It is amazing and a great bigger gift to give.

A New Phone or Phone Case

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My phone case is also falling apart so I need a new one of those. A phone is a great idea for a bigger gift also!


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Jewelry is a gift that one will use often and looks beautiful. An idea would be those Tiffany necklaces that many girls have.

Skincare Products

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Skincare is super important and many people do not splurge to much on it, so birthdays are a good time to get more expensive skincare that you've been wanting for a while.