In one way or another we’ve all felt lazy... some more than others. It often consists of laying in bed and being too “tired” to do anything. Or even little things like not taking your makeup off before you sleep, pretending you’re sick to stay home, even driving to the store that’s only a 5 minute walk away. I am guilty of all of these, especially the last one!

I’m sharing my shame with you to show you that I’m a relatable human being. I feel these things too, I’m not a health nut that will patronize you for not putting spinach into every food and drink. No one is perfect, but there is no doubt in my mind that we are all equal and worthy; despite these tiny flaws.

Though the flaws may seem insignificant, you should take note of them and try to uncover the truth beneath it all. Why is it so hard for you to do such simple tasks? I used to think it was all because of my depression. I blamed my depression for almost every issue I faced, it was so much easier than admitting I had a problem.

Once I started to face myself and take the blame for the things that were happening around me, everything started to make sense. I was sad because 1. The chemicals in my brain (duh) but also 2. Life wasn’t going my way. I had all this unwanted stress but a lot of the causes were easy fixes. My room was a MESS, I wasn’t eating much, my grades were as shameful as shameful can get and my relationships with people were diminishing.

So I did what any other healthy person would do. I cleaned my room, studied, packed lunch, drank water, and talked with others more. These are such miniscule actions that I took but the effect they had on me made my life a whole lot better.

I’m sorry if you were expecting something else. Maybe life hacks on how to make infused water in bed. Despite all this I hope you found something you really needed today.

Some simple things you can do:

-Jog in place
-Drink water (YES I SAID IT)
-Clean up
-Rearrange furniture
-Fill in blank

Take care
-Reeuri :)