Hi everyone! I'm posting autumn themed articles every Monday and Saturday up until the beginning of December! I hope you enjoy these articles as much as I love making them. Sending positve vibes everywhere around the world. Love you all! x


Hi dudes. I'm uploading Friday instead of Saturday because I'm pretty busy this weekend. I hope you guys enjoy this little poem I wrote. ILY <3

i'm lost in november.
do you even remember
the sound of the rain
tapping the window panes
and the feeling of heat
right under your feet

as we lay by the fire,
eyes lit up with desire?
we loved each other and we
didn't even see
it. how strange,
and it's the season of change.
it's the seasons of leaves
falling from the trees,
and the season of boldness
turning into coldness.

i'm lost in november,
the month before december.
we stand across the street
and our eyes meet
with a feeling of intensity inside.
we want nothing to hide
but our scarves shield us
and it feels so trecherous
looking at you,
and only you.

i'm lost in november
andf all i remember
is the touch of your skin against mine,
as we leave the past behind.
we love and forgive,
(not forget), and we live
and embrace all our flaws
living up to our cause,
and that cause is to love.


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