Hello ! So I was looking for article about playlist and I saw this article. And I tell myself that It could be great so... Let's do It

Inspired by :
  • Afraid Of Love - Hymerhos
afraid, red, and quotes image
  • All I Ask - Adele
Adele, dibujo, and draw image
  • All The Time - Jeremih and Lil Wayne
aesthetic image
  • Alone - Halsey, Big Sean
close, girl, and pink image
  • Longtemps - Amir
Image removed
This is my mind when I listen to this song...
  • Amore e Capoeira - Takagi & Ketra, Giusy Ferreri
body, boy, and celebrity image
  • Answerphone - Yxng Bane, Banx & Ranx, Ella Eyre
album, black, and call image
  • Anywhere - Rita Ora
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  • Breathin - Ariana Grande
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  • Inner Demons - Julia Brennan
aesthetic, arms, and black and white image

Thanks for reading ! Love you, Stranger From Heaven ||

Cover seen and taken in one of the collections of this profil.