spoilers about the book trilogy the endgame ahead if you couldn't guess
also i read the books in finnish so please don't crucify me if i understood something wrong it's because of the translation ok thank u

(edit: this took over an hour to write am i okay? also @ whi why are there 37 channels just for some celebrities i have never heard of but not one for books? fucking. books. get it together please and thank you)

i finished the books today and let me tell you boi am i not okay and no one really cares so i'm putting this here

if you're for some reason reading this and don't know about the books: 12 of the oldest families on earth participate in the endgame aka the competition for whose family can survive the mass extinction. every family has one contestant and the 12 contestants fight together to gather the three keys located on the earth to win. so it's basically like hunger games but i actually care about this story

i'm not gonna talk about the plot or anything but about the characters because hot damn this book got me fucked up. you can probably guess my faves from the collections i already have for them lmao.

onto the good stuff


the best the endgame characters ranked

12. you
11. can't
10. rank
9. them
8. they're
7. all
6. amazing
5. in
4. their
3. own
2. ways
1. an liu

okay but the Official Groups i can separate the competitors into are

1. please win:
  • an liu
  • chiyoko takeda
  • maccabee adlai
2. please don't die
  • marcus loxias megalos
  • baitsakhan
  • hilal ibn isa al-salt
3. fuck off
  • sarah alopay
  • alice ulapala
  • aisling kopp
  • jago tlaloc
  • shari chopra
  • kala mozami

and you can probably fucking guess that five of the six people i actually liked are dead woo nice


an liu

my actual son. my sunshine. sweet little babyboy who deserved none of the things he went through. i thought he was a girl for a long time whoops. get ready to feel really sorry for him for the way he was treated as a kid and how everyone sees him as a lunatic because he suffers from dyskinesia and he stutters. it's not his fault leave him alone. i legit cried when i found out he was going to blow himself and kepler 22b up with the vest.

chiyoko takeda

one of the most interesting characters wtf i'm so proud of her. my talented and amazing baby. her being mute was a great addition to her character and i just goddamn love her. so of course she fucking died lmao this book's fucked.

and and chiyoko

MY FUCKING GOD i don't even know where to begin. these two are my favourite part of the books. my sweet children. i was so happy for an when he realised what chiyoko's presence did to him and ??when he blew up that catacomb thingy without knowing that chiyoko was also in it and then he protected chiyoko with is own body ????? fukvcing hell of course they can't have a happy ending. well they kinda do but still. when an cut chiyoko's hair, ears and eyelids from her corpse i basically lost it. i didn't know if i should've cried or laughed because i was so happy an found chiyoko again and now he could keep her forever but also you literally cut off her ears and eyelids an what the fuck are you doing. i was so happy when an was okay with the remains of chiyoko with him oh my godddd. i died inside when chiyoko died next to an in england like ???boi no. when chiyoko, a mute girl, started speaking to an inside his head i just,, oh no. it's such an amazing thing honestly. chiyoko's dead and she keeps asking an to join her and eventually an does and before that an keeps talking back to chiyoko out loud and fucking hell i love it this is a mess.

maccabee adlai

maccabee. my beautiful, wonderful, lovely maccabee. he's another big oh n o . the moment he was intoduced i basically fell in love and now i'm fucked. he's literally the epitome of Character Thropes i fall in love with like?

  • a dude? check
  • a tall dude? check
  • a tall muscular dude? check
  • a tall muscular handsome dude? check
  • a tall muscular handsome dude with sosiopathic tendencies? c h e c k

just fuck me up will you ? ? his death was the worst thing ever what the fuck not okay. and the way he took care of little alice just made me want to die he was so precious AND HIS DEATH WAS NOT O K. i'm kinda glad he didn't suffer tho but still don't ruin his beautiful beautiful face you fucker. god fucking dammit and what an did to his body ??? i love you an but have some fuCKING respect you twat what the FUCK jesus shit. rip him and his beautiful hair he had to shave off you will be missed.

the others that i didn't care about that much

baitsakhan. i thought he was a girl for some time. at first he was really likable and i supported him bc he was so much smaller and younger than the rest but oh boy that fucker is a nightmare. an actual reincarnation of satan himself he needs to chill and stop torturing people you're literally 13 stop. his death was amazing tho lmao i loved it.

marcus loxias megalos. he seemed like a good character ? i really wish he had lived longer smh @ an. getting your arms blown off by a scrawny chinese man armed from head to toe with explosives is one hell of a way to die.

hilal ibn isa al-salt. he didn't deserve anything he went through. his beautiful face?? give him back his beautiful face. he was the only actually respectable human in the game and y'all done fucked his beautiful face up. i thought he was a girl for a long time whooops. i'm glad he had a happy ending he deserved it. what a lovely man. the love/hate thing was a bit over the top tho just sayin.

kala mozami. kala means fish in finnish lmao kudos to chiyoko for letting her out of her misery.

and that's all the characters i have anything to say about really. i severely disliked sarah and jago and i was actually happy when they died lmao b y e. aisling was forgettable and i though she was a boy at first. the only thing i remember about shari is that little alice is her kid aka she's forgettable. i liked jago at first but then he became boring. sarah was an annoying character and i didn't care about her goddamn struggles but i liked the fact that she had to shoot christopher and that's about it. i don't remember anything about alice so that sure is a memorable character.


all in all

this trilogy fucked me up and i got so much anxiety from the story because i didn't know how it was going to end and stuff. the ending was slightly disappointing but an and chiyoko's last dialogue just broke my heart even more and i wish i believed in the afterlife so i could think of them being happy together for the rest of eternity. i will always cry when thinking of maccabee's death that was SO FUCkiNG uncalled for you little SHiT. he was a great man. not necessarily that great but he was handsome and tall and that's all i need. 8,5/10 a good read. this is one mess of an article but that's ok because at least i finally got this all out to somewhere other than my head. feel free to debate me and my dumbass opinions in the ring or dms.

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