Tom Daley

Thomas Robert Daley is a British diver and an Olympic medalist. His channel is about sports challenges, daily life and teaching ordinary people how to dive. To be honest, his channel inspired me to go to the pool and try to do something exciting with my life when it comes to trying new sports. He knows a lot of celebrities that help him with his challenges which makes it even more fun. One time he even tried to make his husband jump off the 10-meter diving board.

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Casey Neistat

He is a filmmaker, entrepreneur and a family guy. His life story is quite rocky and through his vlogs, you get to see his current life as well as some parts of his past. Casey is always on the go whether it is on his boosted board or on an airplane. Living the dream he still manages to keep it real.

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Asian Boss

This channel is about cultural trends in Asia. It is based on interviews with real people met on the streets. It challenges stereotypes, points out differences and provides an insight to different cultures.

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KoreaBoo Studios

This is a channel that helps foreigners understand Korean mentality. It is based on interviews with people from Korea. They usually ask them controversial or not so talked about topics and the answers, as well as their reactions, are very interesting and sometimes funny.

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Safiya Nygaard

After leaving BuzzFeed Safiya started her own YouTube channel. She wears crazy things, tries the weirdest products and orders a bunch of things online. Her channel is fun because of her hilarious comments and willingness to try anything.

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The Try Guys

The next channel is made of renegades from BuzzFeed who are the funniest group of guys in the world. They try the craziest things including childbirth, driving stoned or getting insane style makeovers. Only Eugene has some nice pics on We Heart It LOL.

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