hii hope this post is usefull these are some of my fav netflix showss

⤖TVD- is one of the shows ever the relationships in there are just so amazing

⤖ORIGINALS- i just love this so so much their family bond is just incredible

⤖ GOSSIP GIRL- best show ever, so much tea, so intriguing, breathtaking so impredictable, it is just THE BEST SHOW EVER btw i wanna marry chuvk bass

⤖RIVERDALE- i mean this is so basic but im loving sm this season i just dont want to do any spoiler but a 100/10 show

⤖MONEY HEIST- LOVE IT SO FREAKING MUCH it is from my country so i saw it before netflix is just so intriguing, the love storys just everything, i freaking loved the end sm and i just cannot wait for next season

thanx for reading this btw if you know how to insert photos in between text dm me plzz