Do you go through pain?
Do you mean everything will be ok?

beauty, down, and fall image

I fall in this endless hole where I can't make it stop.
No matter how much I want it to
I try to reach to anything, but nothing holds me for long
Please don't tell me everything will be fine. I know you're trying to help but it's not easy

quotes, smile, and sad image

I've been here.
Don't tell me "everything will be ok"
I can't get my hopes up
I can't believe you, because I will fall again

But trust me when I say this
I am trying
There are just days when taking the cut is easier

quotes, exhausted, and depression image

Trust me, I'm fighting against this thing called life
Please don't tell me everything is ok
I appreciate it
But even as I'm standing right next to you,

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