NameAmatheia means Nurses of fish.


Image by ℒŮℵẴ hair, blue, and hairstyle image
blue long wavy hair


aesthetic, animals, and beautiful image aesthetic, animals, and beautiful image
ocean blue eyes


Temporarily removed
with shells and some blue details


sirena image Image by Koalaxacc
sparkling and shiny


bra, life, and mermaid image Temporarily removed beach, bikini, and bra image mermaid and fantasy image
white, blue and shiny


mermaid, pale pink, and mermaid tail image Temporarily removed magic, mermaid, and sea image Temporarily removed
white and blue


how and nails image nails, pink, and beauty image
white and holographic nails to complete the look


shell, lace, and aesthetic image beauty, eyes, and fashion image
shell necklace and pearls earrings

What i collect

pearls, aesthetic, and shell image Image by 𝒜 𝒷 𝓇 𝒾 𝓁 shell, beach, and summer image Temporarily removed
everything i find interesting

Where I Live

travel, nature, and earth image beach, summer, and ocean image
i swim around maldives


daniel seavey, wdw, and why don't we image why don't we, daniel seavey, and wdw image why dont we and daniel seavey image why dont we and daniel seavey image
Danial. We travel together a lot and i love him cause he accept me for who i am

My Power

ocean, sea, and waves image Image removed
hydrokinesis, the ability to create, control and manipulate water.

Favourite Seafood

Temporarily removed gold, mussels, and shell image
algae & Mussels

Thank you for reading! i hope you enjoyed.
faten xx