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Daily Happy Dose Collection by @Cecile_J

Find your daily dose of happiness with the cutest account on We Heart It! You can’t help but smile when you see these articles that feature cute photos, songs and quotes. Your day will automatically be brightened.

World of Style by Aimee Song

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We still can’t stop reading Aimee Song’s first book, Capture Your Style, so you can totally bet we lost our minds when she came out with her new book, World of Style. Our favorite fashion blogger knocked it out of the park with this one! We are so ready to step up our style and picture taking game with her fabulous tips and tricks.

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Pérsona Cosmetics Eye Kits

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Everything from Pérsona Cosmetics is amaze, but lately, we can’t get enough of the new eyeshadow kits that were added to the collection. The colors are seriously incredible. Whether you want to rock some copper shades for fall, or go with a more girly look with the pink shades, you really can’t go wrong!

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The Lady Gang

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It’s about time we talked about a new podcast we’ve been listening to! We can’t get enough of the Lady Gang -- they seriously just GET us. Every week the Lady Gang answers listeners’ burning questions about womanhood -- and they get real.

And if you haven’t checked out their new show on E! Entertainment, you are really missing out. Now you can watch your favorite podcast live and see the hilarious gals chat with guests, drink champagne and give us all the deets on anything we’ve ever wanted to know.

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Kristin Ess

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If you haven’t already bought everything from Kristen Ess’s hair care line at Target, you’re missing out. If affordable, salon quality, hair products are what you’re all about, you need to get to Target.com NOW. As if these shampoos, conditioners, sprays and masks weren’t enough… she’s dropping a new line of STYLING TOOLS on Sunday. And you can bet we will be first in line at our local Target to try them all.

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