Hi everyone.
For all those who know the show, The Secret Circle is based on a series of books, which I recommend to read, moreover if you liked the tv show you will necessarily like the books written by L J Smith, they are amazing.
So here my dream cast for The Secret Circle books :

Cassie Blake

Abusive image beautiful, beauty, and pretty image
Kristine Froseth

Faye Chamberlain

phoebe tonkin, lips, and model image Temporarily removed
Phoebe Tonkin

Diana Meade

nicola peltz image nicola peltz image
Nicola Peltz

Adam Conant

gossip girl, Chace Crawford, and guy image Chace Crawford, gossip girl, and boy image
Chace Crawford

Nick Armstrong

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Matthew Daddario

Melanie Glaser

lily collins, actress, and red image actress, brown hair, and film image
Lily Collins

Laurel Quincey

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Zoey Deutch

Deborah Armstrong

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Crystal Reed

Suzan Whittier

abigail cowen image abigail cowen image
Abigail Cowen

Twins Henderson

austin butler, boy, and handsome image Temporarily removed
Austin Butler

Kori Henderson

actress, beauty, and blonde image ellefanning and エルファニング image
Elle Fanning

Sean Dulany

gregg sulkin image gregg sulkin, sulkin, and gregg image
Gregg Sulkin

Hope you enjoyed this article!