i have had this in mind for like two months now, and i am just now getting around to it. this is my abc tag

(A) Age:

Temporarily removed Image removed
I am 19, will be 20 in three months

(B) Best Feature:

Temporarily removed green eyes, lashes, and long image
My green eyes and long lashes

(C) Color Combo:

Image by ks.duduu nails, beauty, and nail art image
Black and Gold
black, flowers, and mood image nails, black, and white image
and Black and White

(D) Desire:

dress, girl, and dance image love, quotes, and simpsons image Image removed Image removed
to reach a state of peacefulness and happiness

(E) Everyday Starts With:

coffee, cafe, and drink image coffee image Image by princess water, aesthetic, and grunge image
every morning starts with my phone until I get up and have coffee and water while I blog

(F) Favorite Singer/Bands:

Mature image band, cte, and crown the empire image band, black & white, and brothers image Image removed
Post Malone, Crown the Empire, Palaye Royale, and Blackbear are just the four I listened to the latest

(G) Greatest Achievement:

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okay, we are going to get deep for a minute. Honestly, my greatest personal achievement is not crying myself to sleep anymore over a man who doesn't want me alive. I used to cry so much and beat myself up over the fact my father couldn't love me and took it personally, so being able to live my life without him hindering me will always be my greatest achievement.

(H) Hobbies:

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writing and watching netflix

(I) In Love With:

Image by Sara Moon fashion, girl, and puppy image travel, visit, and city image cte, crown the empire, and andy leo image
in love with music, puppies, traveling, and celebs that do not know i exist

(J) Job of my Dreams:

coffee, inspiration, and saturday image art, blog, and blogger image beauty, fall fashion, and latina image angels, candiceswanepoel, and victoriassecret image
job of my dreams is doing whatever i want basically, like youtube or blogging. for as long as i can remember though i wanted to model and lowkey wanted to be a vs angel but highkey only 5'4"

(K) Kids:

breakfast, child, and family image baby, child, and kids image
love kids i want anywhere from 1-5 kids

(L) Least Favorite Quality:

girl, bed, and cozy image heartbreak, hunger, and life lessons image
i am super lazy and i don't eat when i am hungry, i eat when it is convenient for me so i essentially starve myself

(M) Magical Power:

magic, quotes, and aesthetic image blue, smoke, and grunge image
i would be able to read minds

(N) Nationality:

america, american, and army image memorial, boston, and massachusetts image

(O) One Favorite Song:

band, Lyrics, and music image cynical, Lyrics, and quote image
What's Wrong by PVRIS

(P) Personality:

Dream, quote, and doubt image empty, black, and grunge image feelings, quotes, and words image Image removed
i am pretty much a blob of blah. i'm super emotional all the time, i doubt myself and second guess myself with everything, i do not remember many times in my life i was truly happy, and i just feel a constant state of emptiness inside. basically, i want to be happy and full of life, but instead i am my own worst enemy.

(Q) Questions I Always Ask:

why, quotes, and text image Temporarily removed the office and meme image the office, funny, and tumblr image

(R) Reasons to Smile:

Image removed dog, animal, and autumn image
music and cute animals

(S) Sexuality:

couple, love, and girl image couple, girly, and kiss image

(T) TV Show:

Abusive image american horror story, mallory, and billie lourd image grey's anatomy, meredith grey, and derek shepherd image breaking bad, aaron paul, and bryan cranston image
the office, american horror story, greys anatomy, and breaking bad

(U) Underwater Animal:

sea, love, and seahorses image Temporarily removed

(V) Vacation Spot:

Temporarily removed map, travel, and traveling image
literally anywhere

(W) Worst Habit:

quotes, motivation, and never image quotes, mad, and ignore image mirror, beauty, and quotes image self-hate image
i procrastinate everything, im too lazy for my own good, i hate myself more than i love myself, and i use laughing at my pain as a way to ignore my pain

(X) X-Rays I've Had:

Image removed b&w, neon, and neon colors image
in 2nd grade i had cat scan of my abdomen, i didnt have butterflies though, and they xray my teeth at the dentist

(Y) Your Favorite Drink:

coffee, drink, and aesthetic image water and fridge image
i thrive off of coffee and water

(Z) Zodiac:

aesthetic, aquarius, and edit image aquarius, astrology, and quote image


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