Hej! Hallå! Tjena! Goddag! Läget!
Just some greeting words in Swedish.

As you might have guessed, I´m from Sweden. I have seen a few articles where they tell you about their favorite words in different languages. You often take your own language for granted since you have spoken it your whole life. The beauty of it gets hidden.
Recently I have discovered that the Swedish language actually is really beautiful and full of weird and fun words. I decided to share some of these with you!
Enjoy :)


Just an intro picture;

Temporarily removed

- Ljungeld

clouds, sky, and storm image pink, sky, and grunge image
from the old Norse language

- Midvintertid

Temporarily removed are, ski, and snow image
time of year when it´s at it´s coldest, around January and February

- Örngott

etsy, home decor, and pillowcase image
"örn" means eagle and "gott" means good

- Grönska

nature, green, and flowers image animals and nature image
it radiates beauty

- Påtår

tea, autumn, and fall image tea, tea time, and tiny image
Fill up
not an existing word in the English language - means pouring a second cup

- Bedårande / Förtjusande

quotes, flowers, and wallpaper image quotes image
Adorable, Enchanting
the words give off a beautiful sound

- Liljekonvalj

flowers, nature, and sweden image spring and snowdrop image
Lilly of the Valley
voted the most beautiful flower in Sweden but is extremely poisonous

- Ljuvlig

flowers, pink, and nature image lovely, quotes, and words image
Lovely, Delightful
possibly my favorite word of all because of the sound it gives off

- Fika

quotes, swedish, and life image breakfast, drink, and food image
~ Coffee
not an existing word in any other language - means taking a coffee and sweets with someone - a tradition

- Lagom

swedish, lagom, and quotes image words, definition, and lagom image
~ Just right
not an existing word in any other language - means "not too little, not too much - just right" - a word we use daily

- Idyll

aesthetic, asian, and flowers image adventure, beautiful nature, and height image
a peaceful place with no problems - paradise

- Förgätmigej

Image removed flowers, blue, and green image
flower - old folklore says; a knight gave these flowers to his fiancé just before he drowned in a lake. before he drowned he said to her "forget me not" ("förgätmigej") - it´s sometimes worn by women to show eternal love

- Gräddvit / Pärlemor

bag, fashion, and style image gold, sexy, and friendship bracelet image
Cream white / Pearl
color - often to describe pearls

- Porslinshy

Temporarily removed blonde, girl, and hair image
Porcelain skin
a fair color of skin to describe the beauty of it

- Skimmer

water image aesthetic, water, and theme image
Shimmer, gleam
the beauty on, for example, water when the sun shines on it

Here are some extra;

Temporarily removed words, definition, and quotes image quotes, swedish, and text image art, black & white, and black and white image

That is fifteen of all the beautiful words in the Swedish language. I will do a part II if you, the readers, want one.

have a great day!
love, E