do you remember us?

do you remember me and you?

when we used to watch the same cartoons, we used to wear the same clothes.
when we used to sleep in the same bed, used to eat the same food, used to love the same things and when we used to love fully life the same way..
do you remember these warm days when we used to stay at home and play some games? when we used to laugh for the same reasons and cried as well.

i just want you to tell me if you remember
do you remember when we used to go to the same places, when we used to have the same passions.
but after all, we only used to.

do you remember feeling and enjoying life like a little bird in the sky?
do you remember loving and being loved ?
do you just remember when we used to be friends?
i actually do, and it hurts.
it hurts knowing that we change and nobody stays the same,
reality sucks it hurts.