My dear readers,

Today I am not regarding you as usual, because I don`t feel like I usually do.

Might be because yesterday was the All Saints Day, so I am still under the influence of memories and melancholy.

Or it is might be because of the weather, rainy, gloomy, gray, days came upon us friends; it is real rainy autumn now.

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So, in this mood which is perfect soil ground for depression, I will talk to you about a few things.

1. A possible reason for my “mood”
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If you have read my previous three articles, you know I have been writing about this one guy I am hopelessly in love with. And he is not aware of that, of course.
What bothers me is that I yearn for telling him – confessing my feelings to him. I feel like I just can`t hold this anymore and I so want to tell him, but I am afraid what will happen after that.
A few nights ago, I got this absurd urge to send him my Confessions and tell him to read them and then either block my number or call me on coffee.
But then I thought about how would I feel if someone whom I had no idea felt those intense emotions towards me and sent me texts like those – I would consider them out of right mind and I obviously don`t want him to consider me like that.

2. Similar situation(s)
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Last week I got a message from one girl in a similar situation to mine – keyword similar.
Long story short, I have sent her a bunch of messages supporting her and telling her to move on and to focus on herself, for success is the best revenge.
She later told she does that and I cannot tell you how glad I was that she knows her value and is giving her best in order to be successful in her dreams.
On the other hand, one friend of mine is in a situation where the guy she is seeing started acting “cold,” and she is, expectedly, very hurt with his behavior.

3. The point
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Now, you must be all asking why have I told you all of this, who cares about this, and lastly, what is the point of it – in other words, “what the writer wanted to say.”
How would you feel if I told you that I am not really sure?
In one way it is to never let yourself down for anyone; work on self-love girls (and boys)! No one will do that if you don`t!

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Well, for the first time I won`t tell you to feel free to message me if you need advice – it implies - and I will ask you to give me an advice if you have any about my situation – you are not familiar with the entire story, but, if you have read my Confessions you can pretty much get the picture.

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I hope you liked the article at least a bit – I know I probably haven`t said anything smart nor helpful, but, I have to tell you it helped me to “shake out” my soul to you – don`t hate me, writers are just humans too.

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P.S. I promise to write something worth reading next time.

Stay safe and love yourselves!

`Till the next article,
Yours truly,

This article was written by @angelus_somnia_infernum on the We Heart It Writers Team.