I know, you hear the word adulting and you either roll your eyes because you're over millennial's, or you laugh because you yourself still say it on a regular basis.

Urban dictionary defines "adulting" as;

“Carrying out the duties and responsibilities expected of fully developed individuals.”

Regardless of whether or not it's a phrase you like or use, from the moment we're born we're growing physically, mentally, and emotionally. And the fact is, there comes a time in our life when we have to grow up and carry out certain tasks that are expected of us.

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Grocery shopping and buying your own clothes.

I've come across more than a few articles on the web written by angry writers ranting about millennial's and how we don't understand that we can't pick and choose when to be an adult.

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I've come to realize though, that growth doesn't happen all at once, and like me, it can take a big fat mental slap in the face to cause one to look at oneself in the mirror and say; it's time to get your --- together.

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So below I've compiled a list of things one can do at any age and any stage because the things we do and the habits we develop-- regardless of our age--will affect us for years to come.

Pay your bills

It might be a phone bill, a car payment, or the IOU you promised your best friend. Whatever it is, pay it! Ahead of time or on time, take your pick.

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When you do, you develop a good reputation with credit card companies, friends, landlords, and the like. You develop a habit of using your money wisely by taking care of necessities before you buy whatever you've had your eye on for the last two weeks.


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If this were a song I could play on repeat, trust me, I would. You never know when you might suddenly need money to replace a phone or repair damage you may have made to your car.

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More than that, if you've always had a desire to do something like travel, it will never happen if you don't develop the habit now.

  • Use an app if you need to.
  • Create a budget and take out all the cash you need to cover necessities for the next two weeks and spend only that.

However, don't be such a penny saver that you forget to live in the moment. Be balanced, and make a plan, that will help you feel accomplished and keep you on the right path.


Yes, it's going to keep showing up on almost every lifestyle and wellness article you read because it keeps you healthy and feeling stronger and happier longer and on a regular basis.

It might be dance, boxing, running, or swimming, but whatever it is, just be sure to get your body moving. If you develop the habit now, you will feel the effects long after your youth has left you.

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Eat Healthy

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You had to have known this would be my next habit. Eating well keeps your body feeling good and working right.

Eating well will help you maintain a healthy appetite, sleep better, feel happier and help your body stay healthy longer.

Take care of your skin.

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I don't just mean the skin on your face. I mean your legs, your feet, your elbows, your knees, every part of you! Moisturize, scrub, and regularly wash! Our skin experiences constant onslaught from the sun, the wind, germs and the like.

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Making a habit of moisturizing it, putting on a zinc oxide sunscreen and caring for it now can help to prevent things like wrinkles and skin cancer, and it is an act of self-care and love.

Be Social

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Socializing with friends on a regular basis boosts your mood and your mental health, and it reminds you that you're not alone as you try to figure out this crazy thing called life.

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It also helps you to show empathy and concern for other people. Social media is great, but connecting in the real world helps you build real connections that benefit you in the workplace and your day to day life.

Take care of your body

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Take vitamins, see your doctor if you feel like there's something off. Go to the chiropractor, get a massage, have a spa day every once in a while.

Sometimes you might feel like something is normal or all in your head. You might even feel like there are body issues such as back pain or acne scars you may be stuck with your whole entire life.

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But if you are able to make arrangements to help with specific issues, do it. That way, as you grow older you'll already know what you can do to help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Develop your hobbies and talents

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As you're trying to make it work as an adult, you may feel this means you have to put your hobbies on the back burner. As a former art student, I can tell you I always feel like I don't have the time to pursue my passions.

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As we've seen with Instagram models and youtubers, you can use whatever resources are at your fingertips to be seen and heard.

People are making their own apps, starting their own businesses and reaching out to companies and getting hired based on sheer talent alone! That could be YOU too!

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So make time for the things you love to do because as Marc Anthony said;

"If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life."

It's true that adulting might mean you have to buy a car, move out, and start buying your own groceries and limiting your spending.

However, as I'm nearing twenty-four, I realize that good habits like these form the basis of a good adult life. We can't stop ourselves from growing up, but we can create our best life.

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And let's face it, who of us doesn't want to write (and actually mean);
#living my best life?

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Yours truly, Rachel.

This article was written by @whirlwindbound on the We Heart It Writer's Team.