Got you there didn’t I! I bet you thought it would be a mocktail, but no it’s better! A while ago I bought in The Body Shop the Virgin Mojito body butter.

This is a very summery bodycream, strong refeshing smell and it gives you a cool shiver on your body. This natural cream is made out of mint leaves and lime, and the best part (as known) it hasn’t been tested on animals.

This kind of size would last me about a month, but I have to admit sometimes I over do it with the cream. But it makes my skin babysoft. Because the summer is known for the mosquito time of the year, this cream helps you not to get any bites. This is caused by the deliciously refreshing limes and mints, those bloodsucking insects will stay away!

And for you I-won’t-put-on-any-suncream people and you do get burnt is this cream just what you need as an aftersun. Because it’s a very extremely hydrating cream, your sunburn will fade overnight and you won’t start peeling if you put it on every evening.

Hope you enjoyed this post! See you soon!

P.S. I haven’t been posting much because of work and school AND follow me on instagram! aleyinwonderland