Hi, nobody is going to read this probably but I'm writing it just for fun. My name is very strange you can say, It's Josipa and I'm from Bosnia and Herzegovina that's in Europe. Here's a lil something about myself. Enjoy I guess....

1.Book lover

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I LOVE books. It's like my biggest love and my favourite hobby. Harry Potter, The Great Gatsby, Crime and Punishment, The Outsiders, Hobbit etc.,etc. are just some of my favourite books.

2.Movies and TVShows

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These are just some of my favourite movies and tv shows.If you want a full list feel free to dm me on my instagram or here.


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I study civil engineering at college and I really love and enjoy art.


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Fall is my favourite season. I mean come on it's so beautiful and colorful. Warm wind, candles, leaves, coats, hats, red cheeks, fire, tea, books. Everything is just perfect.

5.Vintage Looks

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I like to dress "vintagey" if that's even a word. I just like that vibe.


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I live for space and solar system and other galaxies and everything. It's so cool. My favourite planet is Saturn.

7.Music Taste

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I have very weird music taste. I love indie music, alternative music etc. My favourite type of music is classical music, jazz, blues, soul and I live for music from The 1950s and 1960s. I also love rock. I don't really like pop music. These are just some of my favourite artists. ( Last 3 are Ricky Nelson, Ray Charles and Tchaikovsky)