Every one knows The Body Shop, the most animal friendly, earth friendly beauty shop in the world. Every time I pass by the shop I see a petition against testing on animals and every single time I fill in the petition.

So one day I was in Brussels in The Body Shop, trying to find something fresh and summery. The guy who was helping me was so friendly and helpful and a nice person to have a little chat with.

I ended up buying a couple of things and one of them was the Fijian Water Lotus body spray. They have it in perfume, body cream and so on. I love spraying a lot on because I love smelling like my perfume or body spray. This one smells so refreshing, fresh and summery. It makes you smell like you’re on holiday in and exotic new place. As of the name it has an exotic sound and name to it, doesn’t it?

So if you would like to smell like summer or an exotic place, go to The Body Shop and get yourself this body spray!