Hey you🌹
Here is another playlist of Lo-Fi/Hip-Hop songs, because Lo-Fi will never bore us 😏
Enjoy 💙

To me, music is the most important thing in the world. It can help going through tough phases, and it also goes with you through really happy moments.. And later, when you'll listen to a special song, you'll remember these moments and see that only music can make you feel the exact same feeling that you felt.

anime, cartoon, and chihiro image
Emapea ~ Laka
anime girl, flower, and gif image
Redpest ☯ ~ I never see you
aesthetic, alternative, and anime girl image
Odtsu ~ Petit
girl, art, and blue image
Kid pain 💔 ~ Kanji's girl
movie, only yesterday, and anime image
Karson ~ I just wanna be happy
Temporarily removed
Crow ~ Reflections
80s, aesthetic, and flower image
Kasper Lindmark ~ Plant
Temporarily removed
🌟 : aqualina ~ reminisce

Thanks for reading!